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Our Yamaha TF5 Review

Since 1955, Yamaha has been known to push the envelope and work hard to develop new musical instruments and equipment that will help musicians reach their fullest potential. They are committed to excellence and devoted to making sure that all of their instruments are not only incredibly powerful but also easy to use.

This means that no matter what stage of your career or your hobby you are in, you can easily find the right equipment for you, and the TTF5 is no exception.

What Is the Yamaha TF5?

The Yamaha TF5 is a powerful mixer that is part of Yamaha’s TF series. Released in 2015, the TF5 is a relatively new console that allows users to let their imagination and intuition run wild without worrying about sacrificing sound quality. All of the equipment in the TF series offers great control and makes it possible for users to refine their music without any frustration.

Not only are they loaded with high-quality components to make creating gorgeous music easier than ever, but they all have advanced live recording features, as well as impressive operation. This means that this series of compact digital mixers, including the Yamaha TF5, is perfect for many different applications.

Who Is this Compact Digital Mixer Designed for?

While Yamaha makes sure to design equipment and instruments that are perfect for all different musicians, the Yamaha TF5 is clearly an advanced and incredibly powerful piece of equipment, making it a much better option for the professional or advanced musician. However, Yamaha took care to add features that make it more accessible to newer musicians as long as they have the budget to buy this equipment.  It is packed with incredible features, as well as power, making it ideal for larger applications.

The Yamaha TF5 is sure to impress when used in live situations, which will let the power and control that it offers really shine. Professionals and advanced musicians who understand how to use the Yamaha TF5 will be able to make their music stand out. No matter if you are touring with a band or running sound for your worship band, the Yamaha TF5 is sure to make everyone sound great.

What’s Included?

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Yamaha TF5 Digital Mixer

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Unsurprisingly, the Yamaha TF5 ships by itself, so you need to make sure to purchase the other components and accessories needed to use this mixer. Plenty of cables, as well as your instruments, and a powerful computer are all necessary to get the best use from this compact mixer.

Primary Features of the Yamaha TF5

One thing that really sets the Yamaha TF5 apart from other similar mixers is that it has TouchFlow Operation that allows you complete control over your music during all stages of creation. The user interface is touchscreen and user-friendly, allowing direct accessibility and a layout that makes sense. Other great features include:

  • 16 analog XLR outputs
  • 32 analog XLR/TRS mic/line inputs
  • 33 motor faders
  • 48 input mixing channels
  • 8 DCA groups with a roll-out
  • 20 aux
  • 1 expansion slot

Yamaha simplified adjusting EQ settings and compressor settings. Thanks to the one-knob operation, you can easily adjust your settings with confidence, making it possible to really help music shine. Additionally, the EQ makes it simple to get the best sound results in very little time.

Thanks to the presets, shortcuts, and scenes, the Yamaha TF5 is fairly easy for anyone to use without a lot of problems. Beginners will find that these settings make it simple to create great music, and more advanced users will enjoy all of the time that they save thanks to these great starting points.

With 200 total scenes of memory, it’s easy to set up many settings and recall them at the drop of a hat. Perfect for users who don’t have a lot of experience, the Yamaha TF5 also comes with some preprogrammed scenes.

The powerful mic preamps included in the Yamaha TF5 really help to create a precise and clean sound that showcases every high and low and each nuance of the music you’re making. There are eight powerful processors so that you can enjoy incredible sonic control, as well as 17 programs for great delay, reverb, modulation, and more.

Alternatives to the TF5

The Yamaha TF5 is certainly an impressive and powerful piece of equipment, but due to the higher price, it simply may not be the best option for you. If that’s the case, then you may want to consider the Allen & Heath QU-16C digital mixer. This compact piece of equipment is better on the budget and loaded with great features such as a 5” color touchscreen, 17 motorized ALPS faders, and 100-scene recall.

Another wonderful option is the Yamaha MGP24X. With 24 channels for mixing, as well as 16 mic and 24 line inputs, this is another budget-friendly option that you may enjoy. It ships with microphone cables so that you can plug it in and start mixing and creating music right away. Additionally, the hands-on operation will make you feel like you are really involved in the creation of your music.

Conclusion – Is the Yamaha TF5 a Good Choice for You to Consider?

As you can see, the Yamaha TF5 is not for the timid or shy. It’s an incredibly powerful piece of equipment that can make you sound great, but only if you know how to control it and are willing to take time to learn the shortcuts, settings, and more. Perfect for advanced musicians as well as churches, the Yamaha TF5 makes it easy to ensure that your sound is always clear and bright and that you are making gorgeous music.

If you are in need of a compact mixer and want one of the most powerful options on the market, then you may want to consider the Yamaha TF5. It’s surprisingly powerful, but it is loaded with features that make it easier to use than other mixers. You won’t ever have to worry about your sound failing you when you opt for the Yamaha TF5, as it is designed to offer some of the best sound from any mixer on the market.

We hope our Yamaha TF5 review has been helpful.



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