What Is The Best Thermostat For Church?

What Is The Best Thermostat For Church? featured imageFinding The Best Thermostat For Your Church

Keeping a church in a safe temperature range is important so that both employees and congregants will be comfortable when they are in the building. A church that is too hot can become dangerous for worshippers, and one that is too cold will also become dangerous and can easily exacerbate illness and other medical problems.

For this reason, church maintenance people need to make sure that they choose the best thermostat for their church to keep everyone safe and comfortable when working and worshipping.

A lot of thought goes into choosing the best thermostat for a church. Any employee or pastor who is in charge of choosing the right thermostat for their church needs to make sure to carefully consider the options available on the market.

With so many powerful thermostats to choose from, it can be overwhelming to choose a thermostat that will meet the needs of a church without breaking the bank.

The Honeywell TB722OU1012 is a programmable commercial thermostat that is designed to not only be easy to use but also to offer great control. Knowing the pros and cons of this powerful and reliable thermostat ensures that churches are able to keep their building a comfortable temperature at all times.

What Are the Important Considerations When Buying A Thermostat For Your Church?

There are a number of things to consider when shopping for a thermometer to use in a church. Opting for the wrong one can make it very difficult to keep a church at a constant and comfortable temperature. It’s important to consider the following things when shopping.

  • Display – the display makes it much easier for users to not only see the temperature and settings of the thermostat but also to make any changes. Large displays are significantly easier for employees to monitor and to adjust.
  • Scheduling – some thermostats offer a schedule option that allows users to easily set a schedule for when the temperature will be set or adjusted. By setting a schedule on the thermostat, church employees will not only be able to control the temperature of the church easily but, in addition, it can help cut down on heating and cooling bills.
  • Precise Temperature Control – being able to easily set and control the temperature to within one degree not only ensures that the inside of the church will be comfortable but also cuts bills.
  • Real-Time Clock – this is a feature that will prevent the thermostat from completely resetting after a power failure, which can be frustrating for employees or the pastor who will then need to reset all schedules.

Why We Chose The TB722OU1012 Over Others

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Honeywell TB7220U1012 CommercialPRO 7000 Programmable Commercial Thermostat

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There is a myriad of reasons that the Honeywell TB722OU1012 is such a great option for use in most churches. This powerful thermostat boasts an incredibly large screen that is very easy to read and to operate, which means that any employee will be able to quickly change settings on the thermostat. Additionally, this thermostat features armchair programming. This means that users can easily remove the thermostat from the wall to set the schedule and make adjustments, which allows people to get comfortable and enjoy a little extra time operating the thermostat.

Because this thermostat offers clear information on this screen in regards to how to program cooling and heating schedules, it is perfect for any church that is trying to save money and time with their thermostat. Having the church at a comfortable temperature during the day and then allowing the thermostat to turn off the heating or cooling during the night or when the church isn’t open helps lower heating and cooling bills. Since the schedules can be set in 15-minute increments, it is easy to set different schedules for every day of the week. Additionally, it’s easy to set the thermostat to a locked position to prevent other people from coming and making adjustments to the settings.

What We Like and Dislike About The Honeywell TB722OU1012

There are a lot of things to like about the Honeywell TB722OU1012. One of the main pros of this thermostat is that it offers some of the best temperature control on the market. This means that users can easily set an exact temperature.

Additionally, this thermostat features a menu that is really easy to read and to understand, which makes programming the thermostat faster and easier than ever. Since there is guidance during the setup and scheduling process, users can easily adjust their thermostat.

It’s very easy to read both the indoor and outdoor temperature on this thermostat, which allows users to control the temperature and ensure that everyone in the building will be comfortable.

Finally, the Honeywell TB722OU1012 comes with a great 2-year warranty, which means that churches who run into problems with their thermostat can easily get the support and help that they need.

One problem with this thermostat is that is expensive and usually requires professional installation, which can add to the overall cost of the thermostat.

Unfortunately, this thermostat only offers control for up to 2 cool and 2 heat systems, which means that it is not an ideal thermostat for larger churches. Trying to run a system that is too large with this thermostat will result in problems.

Why We Feel You Should Consider This Thermostat For Your Church

The digital display on the Honeywell TB722OU1012 really serves to set it apart from other similar thermostats that may have similar features but simply aren’t as easy to operate and to control. The large screen and clear information presented on it allows church employees to easily change the settings on this thermostat, create schedules, and override or change them, as necessary.

Even though this thermostat is a little more expensive than other similar options on the market, it offers great features that not only make it easy to use but also make it easy for users to perfectly control the temperature of the church within 1 degree.

It’s easy to lock the screen for safety, recover past settings in case of a loss of power, and even override any past settings that need to be changed.

Because this is such an intuitive thermostat that is surprisingly easy to use, it’s the obvious choice for any church looking to update or replace their current thermostat with one that is powerful but simple to operate. The Honeywell TB722OU1012 is worth the higher price tag, as long as it is in the budget, and it is a great option for any church to consider.

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