What Is The Best Haze Machine for Church?

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Finding The Best Haze Machine For Your Church

A haze machine is a great way to complement the lighting effects during your performance or your church service, making them a popular piece of equipment that more and more churches are opting to buy. While they are not as popular in traditional churches, as in more contemporary churches, these machines have earned their rightful place in the front of the church as a way to produce a subtle and fine haze that is harmless but will add to the drama of the event or of the worship.

Any church who wants to invest in equipment to add effects to their services or plays will likely have considered buying a smoke, fog, or haze machine. While haze machines may not be quite as commonly used as other options, it is a great choice for any church looking to make their setting appear a little misty or to emphasize their lighting without using thick and opaque smoke. A haze machine such as the Reel EFX DF-50 makes the setting look just a little special without making it difficult for people to see or to understand what is happening on the stage. This machine is a great way to add some mystery to a play, a dramatic reading, or any other performance that may occur at a church.

What Are the Important Considerations When Buying A Church Haze Machine

To make sure that you choose the right haze machine for your church, there are a few things that you will want to consider. By carefully considering which one is right for you, you can rest easy knowing that the machine will work properly when you need it to and add value and mystery to your performance.

  • Noise – one of the most important things to consider is how much noise the haze machine will produce. They all must have pumps and other moving parts to produce the haze that you want, but some are much noisier than others, which can interrupt the feeling of your dramatic reading.
  • Cleaning – you will have to clean any haze machine that you buy, but some are easier to clean than others. It’s a good idea to consider not only how often the haze machine you’re considering must be cleaned, but what this entails.
  • Safety – not all haze machines are as safe as others. Breathing in the haze fluid that is used to make a mist can be dangerous in some situations, which is why it’s important to consider what type of filtration system the haze machine has and if it will do a good enough job breaking down the drops so that they are safe to breathe.

Why We Chose The EFX DF-50 Over Others

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Reel EFX DF-50 DMX Diffusion Hazer, Atmospheric Fog Machine for Special Effects.

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It’s important to choose a haze machine that is easy to use so that anyone who needs to operate it can easily do so. The Reel EFX DF-50 is incredibly easy to use and since it doesn’t require time to heat up, it produces haze with very little delay. This is great for church members who are in a hurry setting up the stage.

Additionally, the Reel EFX DF-50 is perfectly safe to use around church members of all ages thanks to its triple filtration system. This system was professionally designed specifically to break down the haze fluid into a very fine mist. This not only looks great but makes it safe to breathe. The size of the fluid easily meets OSHA standards, which means that churches don’t have to worry about the safety of their parishioners when operating this haze machine.

Finally, the fact that it doesn’t take a lot of haze fluid is a real bonus and is perfect for any church who doesn’t have a huge budget to spend on supplies or who doesn’t want to keep a lot of fluid on hand. For the machine to run for 35 continuous hours it will only require around two liters of fluid, which is impressive.

What We Like and Dislike About This Haze Machine

The Reel EFX DF-50 is a powerful and durable haze machine that is great for use in most churches. One of the main pros of this machine is that it doesn’t take very much fluid to make haze. Since it only uses two ounces for each hour that it runs, it is a great option for churches who don’t want to spend a lot on fluid.

Another benefit of this haze machine is that it doesn’t use heat. This means that there isn’t any warm-up time to the machine, allowing users to turn it on and start enjoying haze right away.

Additionally, the Reel EFX DF-50 has a triple filtration system. This breaks down the haze mist to small droplets that are safe to breathe.

Finally, another benefit of this haze machine is that it comes with a five-year warranty. Any problems with the machine can easily be addressed during this time.

Unfortunately, the Reel EFX DF-50 doesn’t do a great job at getting the haze to rise far above the ground. This is frustrating for some people but does create a great ground effect.

Another con of this machine is its price, which can put it out of reach for some churches.

Why We Feel They Should Buy The Reel EFX DF-50

Any church looking for a haze machine will want to consider the Reel EFX DF-50. This is a surprisingly powerful option that is delightfully easy to use, making it a great choice for most any church. Because it can be so easily set up and turned on, it can be used not only by adults but also by youths. It starts producing haze very quickly and will fill the stage in no time at all, making it perfect for impromptu and planned performances.

Safety is paramount when looking for a haze machine, and the Reel EFX DF-50 is designed to surpass all safety standards, resulting in a powerful and portable haze machine that won’t burn users and won’t cause any lung or eye irritation. At 41.6 pounds, it’s heavy enough that it won’t be easily pushed or moved around the stage by accident during a show or a dramatic reading, but it is still light enough to be easily moved when it is needed.

All in all, the Reel EFX DF-50 is one of the top haze machines on the market, making it a wonderful choice for any church looking for special effects. It’s powerful, durable, and shockingly easy to use, making it a favorite among churches everywhere.



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