Way Huge Overrated Special Review: A Powerful and Punchy Pedal

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Our Way Huge Overrated Special Review

Way Huge Electronics was first opened in 1992, but closed its doors shortly after, at the end of 1999. Rather than all of the products that they worked so hard to create being discontinued, however, Dunlop purchased the brand. They do not release all of the Way Huge Electronics pedals but do produce some versions.

This is great news for musicians who are in the market for popular and often copied pedals that produce a lot of high-quality volume and sound and distortion control. Joe Bonamassa collaborated in the production of the Overrated Special.

What Is the Way Huge Overrated Special?

In collaboration with Joe Bonamassa, Way Huge released this powerful Overrated Special pedal that offers drive, volume, and tone controls. When using this pedal, guitarists can easily get a gritty boost that improves their sound quality when used with a clean amp. On the other hand, when used with a distorted channel, musicians will be able to enjoy a ton of sustain and gain.

This is often compared to a Green Rhino OD that has much more midrange, as well as frequency control, that allows for punchier low mids. What this means is that musicians who use this pedal will be able to really improve their sound quality while maintaining a lot of control over the grittiness and overall power of their tone.

What’s interesting with this pedal is that there is a run of only 2000. This means that if you are interested in the power and control that it will offer you, you need to hurry and buy one right away before they are no longer sold.

Who Is This Guitar Pedal Designed for?

This pedal is designed for any guitarist who wants to add a lot of punchy grit to their music. This means that it’s not an ideal pedal for musicians who rely on a cleaner sound, but if you want to add some dirt and some extra distortion to your music, then it may be a great option for you.

Unlike other pedals that can be very difficult to use and to adjust, the Way Huge Overrated Special is very easy to control, even on the fly, which is great for beginning musicians who may otherwise not feel like they have the experience to control their music. This makes it accessible to musicians of any skill level looking for a certain sound.

What’s Included?

Way Huge WM28 Smalls Overrated Special Overdrive

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in stock

Like most pedals that you can buy for your guitar and amp, the Way Huge Overrated Special doesn’t come with any additional accessories or components. This means that you will need to make sure that you have your amp, your guitar, and any connecting cords on hand before you purchase it.

While the Way Huge Overrated Special can be used with any amp, you will want to make sure that you consider the type of amp that you are using, as this will have a huge impact on your overall sound quality. Clean amps and ones with more distorted channels can both be easily used with this pedal and will result in very different final sounds.

Primary Features of the Way Huge Overrated Special

The knobs on the Way Huge Overrated Special are very easy to use and to adjust, making it a great option for many musicians. This is just one feature that sets this pedal apart, however, and others include:

  • 2,000 piece run
  • Way Huge Smalls housing
  • Frequency control that makes punching up low mids possible
  • Bold and punchy overdrive
  • Durable chassis

The smaller size of the housing ensures that you can easily take this pedal with you on the go, which is one reason why it is such a great option for taking on stage. It’s easy to fit it into a gig bag and then to set it up with your amp without it taking up too much room.

Perfect for giving plenty of gain and power for when you are going to be performing solos, which means that guitarists who use the Way Huge Overrated Special will be able to stand out from a crowd.

Alternatives to the Overrated Special

While the Way Huge Overrated Special is a great pedal, it simply may not be for everyone, and in this case, you may want to consider the Way Huge Saucy Box Overdrive. This is a better choice for anyone who has a smaller budget but is still interested in improving their tone. Thanks to a passive tone circuit and a balanced ratio of drive and clean signals, it produces very organic and amp-like overdrive tones.

The Wampler Tumnus V2 pedal is another great option that is worth considering. It can be used along for overdrive, with other pedals to change and shape gain, or as a boost on the front end of an amp for a slightly dirty sound. It has volume, tone, and gain knobs that make it easy for musicians to dial in their tones no matter what type of gig they are playing.

Conclusion – Is the Way Huge Overrated Special a Good Choice for You to Consider?

There are a lot of benefits that you can enjoy when you invest in the Way Huge Overrated Special. Not only will you be able to have bragging rights that you have one of a very limited number of these great pedals, but you can quickly update your sound and tone without a lot of work. Thanks to the power of the Way Huge Overrated Special, it is sure to make a huge difference in your overall playing, but you do need to make sure that you are interested in the sound quality that it provides.

By being careful about what type of amp you pair it with and the overall tone that you are looking for, you can enjoy a variety of different sounds and tones. For this reason, it is great for live use when you want to really impress the crowd. It can easily be used for recording and practice, but due to the raw power in the Way Huge Overrated Special, it will really shine when used on stage, making it a great option to consider if you are looking to change and control your tone when performing.

We hope our Way Huge Overrated Special review has been helpful. You might want to check out our list of guitar pedals in this article on worship pedalboards.



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