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Our Waldorf KB37 Review

Waldorf Music, a German synthesizer company, is known for producing synthesizers that are not only incredibly high quality but also surprisingly easy to operate and control. They established their position in the electronics market by producing superior and innovative designs that are surprisingly powerful.

Thanks to their unique technology, Waldorf has continued to create sound generators that are used by semi-professional and professional sound studios around the world. One such piece of equipment is the powerful Waldorf KB37.

What Is the Waldorf KB37?

The Waldorf KB37 was released in 2016. This is a eurorack-based modular synth that has a 37-key keyboard, as well as mounting surfaces for modules that are up to 197 hp. A Eurorack is a modular synthesizer that allows users to connect modules that are the same height and to assemble them in a unit that is space-efficient and powerful. Since the mounting method and the powering method is the same no matter what modules you use, this is a great way to improve and control your sound and create a system that is unique to you and your needs.

As a Eurorack ready keyboard, the Waldorf KB37 offers both the ability to add and choose modules depending on your needs and to control your sound and tones via the powerful keyboard. This means that users will have complete control over their sound and be able to coax out different and interesting effects when making music. It’s easy to layer, record, and edit music using the Waldorf KB37, making it a powerful choice for any musician.

Who Is this Midi Controller Designed for?

The great thing about the Waldorf KB37 is that it has been designed for use not only by beginners but also more advanced musicians. Thanks to the intuitive design and controls on the KB37, it’s ideal for beginners. They will be able to easily add their modules to the panel and also control and adjust sound via the keyboard. More advanced musicians and professionals can also benefit from using the KB37. Because it is so versatile, it’s a great choice for professionals who understand how to form the sounds that they want and are looking for complete control.

The Waldorf KB37 sounds just as great live as it does in recordings, making this a really versatile piece of equipment. It’s powerful enough to be used on stage and won’t sound tinny or thin, which can be a problem with some similar pieces of equipment.

What’s Included?

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Waldorf kb37 Eurorack Controller Keyboard

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The Waldorf KB37 ships by itself, but it is a self-contained unit that can be used as a keyboard right away. Of course, you will want to invest in modules so that you can update and change the sound, and having them on hand when your new KB37 arrives will allow you to start using it right away. Additionally, it’s a good idea to have an amp or headphones on hand so that you can listen to the sounds and music that you’re creating.

A powerful computer with great music software is also a must, as this will allow you to edit and combine your tones and music. Since the Waldorf KB37 is such a powerful piece of musical equipment, you will want to make sure that you invest in high-quality gear that will be able to stand up to its power.

Primary Features of the Waldorf KB37

The keyboard is three octaves and features incredibly fast synth-action that is powerful and easy to use. Not only does the keyboard deliver incredible sound, but there are other great features, including:

  • Built-in regulated power supply
  • 16-bit CV interface
  • Programmable MIDI channels
  • Integrated 107hp Eurorack chassis
  • Powerful controller keyboard
  • 37-ke Fatar TP9 keyboard
  • Includes variable glide ranges, bend, and aftertouch
  • Three MIDI controllers
  • Three triggers

The 18-bit CV interface on the Waldorf KB37 is not only high resolution but also very temperature stable. This means that you won’t ever have to worry about the KB37 failing you or getting overheated.

One great feature about the KB37 is how easily you can add and remove modules from the unit. This means that it offers complete flexibility, which is great for eclectic musicians. Additionally, all of the MIDI channels are fully programmable, which makes this a great option for use on the stage, as well as in the recording studio.

Alternatives to the KB37

The Waldorf KB37 is a one-of-a-kind piece of equipment, making it difficult to find anything that will come close to the power and control that it offers. One option that you may want to consider is the Arturia RackBrute 6U. This is a Eurorack case that is 176Hp and has a 5HP power supply. The problem with this option is that it doesn’t have a built-in keyboard, which means that it’s not quite as flexible as the Waldorf KB37.

Another option that you may consider is the Pittsburgh Modular EP-420. Again, this is a great Eurorack that offers a ton of power. It actually has 420HP total space and is made from a combination of aluminum and hardwood which looks great and is built to last. The problem with the EP-420 is the same as the option from Arturia, and that is that it doesn’t have a keyboard.

Conclusion – Should You Consider the Waldorf KB37?

The Waldorf KB37 is a great option for any musician who wants to take control of their sound and is interested in combining the modular abilities of a Eurorack with the power and control of a keyboard. It’s incredibly heavy duty, and while the price may seem a little overwhelming, it is loaded with features that more than justify the cost for most musicians.

The Waldorf KB37 works well as a deluxe starter system for beginners, as a portable system that is completely self-contained, or as a powerful component in a larger setup. If you are at all interested in having complete control over your sound, are looking for a flexible musical instrument, and are willing to invest in that ability, then you need to consider the Waldorf KB37.

We hope our Waldorf KB37 review has been helpful. You might want to check out our list of the best keyboards here.



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