UO Smart Beam Laser Review – A Lightweight and Portable Mini Projector

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Our UO Smart Beam Laser Review

Laser projectors are the best projectors on the market today, but traditionally they tend to be very large and clunky, making it difficult for some businesses or churches to find space to store and set up their new equipment.

Rather than giving up on having a projector or having to design a space around using a projector, opting for a small and portable mini projector is a much better idea. This will still give you the same power and control that you love from a larger laser projector but in a portable package.

The UO Smart Beam Laser is one of the most popular options on the market today and for good reason. It’s designed to be easy to use and to offer plenty of power and control when in use.

What Is the UO Smart Beam Laser?

The UO Smart Beam Laser is a highly portable and powerful mini projector. It can operate wirelessly and features a powerful built-in speaker so that everyone watching the presentation or movie can easily hear what is being said. Because it connects easily to any equipment, it’s possible for church employees to create and show a presentation without any problems.

Released a few years ago, the UO Smart Beam Laser hasn’t undergone any major design changes but does come with an impressive one-year warranty to mitigate the chance of any problems.

Who Is this Laser Projector Designed for?

This small projector is designed for any individual or business who wants to be able to show presentations, watch movies, or present photographs for others to see. The small size and portability of the UO Smart Beam Laser make it perfect for churches who don’t have a dedicated space for a projector. Additionally, this projector is around the same price as other similar options, making it great for users on a budget.

What’s Included?

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This projector ships with everything that a church needs to set it up and start using it right away. In addition to the projector, it ships with a tripod, which makes it easy to elevate the UO Smart Beam Laser and to angle it to the correct location.

The tripod folds down for storage and also has a holder to ensure that the UO Smart Beam Laser doesn’t slip out of position during presentations. A storage bag with a drawstring is also included, as this will help to protect the projector and keep it from being damaged during storage or transport.

Additionally, the necessary micro HDMI cable and a USB-C 3.1 to HDMI adapter are included. While it is possible to buy the UO Smart Beam Laser on its own, buying it as a part of a kit is a much better idea for most churches, as it ensures that they get everything they need to operate this equipment right away.

Primary Features of the Smart Beam Laser

The auto-focus feature of the UO Smart Beam Laser makes it a great option for any company or church who wants to be able to show videos and photographs without worrying about their quality. Users never have to worry about trying to adjust the focal setting on this projector. Other great features include:

  • Focus-free projector ensures a perfect picture every time it is turned on
  • Incredibly simple operation
  • 1280 x 720 HD resolution
  • Advanced laser technology is safe to the human eye
  • Can project on any surface without a decrease in picture quality
  • Compatible with wired or wireless devices

This projector uses a Class 1 laser that is perfectly safe for human eyes. There are many projectors on the market that do not use these safe lasers, which means that people looking into them can have their eyes easily damaged.

Thanks to a maximum of 100 lumens, this projector is able to produce images that are clear and sharp and that have a lot more contrast. This improves the user’s enjoyment when using this projector and can easily keep people more engaged with presentations.

One issue with the UO Smart Beam Laser is in its design. The cube shape, while modern and impressive looking, can make it very difficult to carry and store the projector. Unlike some other projectors, which are slim and flat, it won’t easily slip into a pocket for use on the go.

Alternatives to the UO Smart Beam Laser

While the UO Smart Beam Laser is a great option and is powerful enough to be used in most any situation, users who are worried about supporting 4k input, using online apps during presentations, or quickly connecting to Android or iOS devices will love the Laser Beam Pro C200.

This is a shockingly light and small projector that easily connects to different devices for projecting on the go. Because it has 8 GB of internal memory, as well as 1 GB of RAM, there isn’t ever any problem with slow operating speeds.

The Anker Nebula Capsule is another great alternative worth a second look. It has 360-degree speakers, which means that anyone sitting around or near this projector will be able to easily hear what is being said.

Additionally, the aluminum body is seamless, which means that it is less likely to be damaged, and the updated Android 7.1 operating system allows for seamless streaming all the time.

Conclusion – Is it Worth Considering this Laser Projector?

The UO Smart Beam Laser is a welcome addition to any church who needs a reliable and portable projector. It’s designed to be easy to use, making it great for a wide variety of employees to handle the equipment.

Thanks to the included tripod, it’s incredibly easy to set this projector up in a variety of locations without worrying about picture quality.

The auto-focus feature is one of the better features of this equipment and ensures that everyone will always be able to enjoy perfect picture quality.

Because it’s so portable and easy to operate, any church who is need of a durable and reliable laser projector will want to consider the UO Smart Beam Laser.

We hope our UO Smart Beam Laser review has been helpful.


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