Turbosound IQ15 Review: Suited for a Wide Range of Applications

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Turbosound IQ15 review featured image

Our Turbosound IQ15 Review

Even though Turbosound didn’t receive worldwide acclaim until in the 1980s, they are now known for being leaders and innovators in the world of sound. They produce high-end equipment that is great for professional use as well as for beginning musicians.

Not only do they help to shape the live music industry with each of their releases but they hold themselves to a high level of quality, which means that all of their equipment will exceed your expectations.

What Is the Turbosound IQ15?

The Turbosound IQ15 is a highly portable yet surprisingly powerful loudspeaker. It’s easy to move, thanks to the Klark Teknik Class D power amp that is powerful yet lightweight, keeping the final weight of the IQ15 at 56.7 pounds. Because it is designed to make it easy for users to shape the sound that it produces, it is a great option for musicians and producers who understand how to get the most use out of this speaker and how to adjust the speaker to produce a full-range response without the volume suffering.

Because the Turbosound IQ15 is designed to offer a great response at lower ranges and also transparent limiting when you turn it up, it is considered to be a powerful loudspeaker. As a part of Turbosound’s IQ series of equipment, the Turbosound IQ15 is loaded with the same features and components that set the other offerings in this series apart from lower-quality loudspeakers.

Who Is this Powered Speaker Designed for?

The Turbosound IQ15 is designed for musicians who are ready to have the flexibility of taking their loudspeakers with them but then want to ensure that they are securely mounted when it comes time to play. Because the IQ15 has a few different mounting options, it’s a great choice for any musician who is on the go. At the same time, it can be mounted permanently, which is great for churches who are looking for a more permanent setup from their equipment.

The higher price tag of the Turbosound IQ15 makes it better suited to professionals or advanced musicians who know exactly what they are looking for in their equipment and aren’t willing to compromise on quality. Even though it’s great for taking on the road, the higher price tag may put it out of reach of some beginning gigging musicians.

What’s Included?

Turbosound iQ15 15 Inch Powered Loudspeaker Turbosound iQ15 15 Inch Powered Loudspeaker

The iQ15 is a powered two-way loudspeaker ideally suited for a wide range of portable and fixed installation, music and speech sound reinforcement applications.

The driver complement includes a 15" low frequency driver with a low mass voice coil for improved transient response, and a high temperature 1" compression driver with copper-clad aluminum voice coil for extended high frequency reproduction.

Equipped with an efficient and lightweight two-channel KLARK TEKNIK Class-D power amplifier, the iQ15 provides an impressive 2500 Watts of peak output power. A high degree of control over the loudspeaker systems performance is managed by a sophisticated, but easy to use KLARK TEKNIK Digital Signal Processor (DSP), which provides dynamic EQ for remarkable full range response at low volume levels, and transparent limiting for the utmost clarity at high output levels as well as for long-term reliability.

The iQ15s advanced DSP speaker modeling presets include accurate models of some of the audio industrys most-respected loudspeakers. KLARK TEKNIK also developed a highly versatile Spatial Contour Control (SCC) DSP function, which allows the user to optimize the iQ15s frequency response for the physical speaker placement.

This advanced functionality provides frequency compensation for stand, floor, wall or ceiling placement, much like the adjustments commonly found on studio reference monitors.

On the rear panel amplifier module, you will find a user interface consisting of an LCD display, Channel A and B gain controls, and a single rotary encoder for intuitive access to level, EQ, Speaker modeling, SCC, Subwoofer Integration and Feedback Control (FBI).

In addition to the two combination balanced XLR/jack inputs, balanced XLR outputs for each of the two independent channels, and a Mix Out XLR connector, the iQ15 features a mic/line switch and level control with signal present LED on each channel. The iQ15 also features Turbosounds propri

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The Turbosound IQ15 ships by itself, which is really common for loudspeakers. It does have inputs for you to easily connect it to the rest of your sound system. Unlike other similar loudspeakers, however, it can easily be remotely controlled by a computer via the powerful software. This means that you need to have a fast and powerful computer and mixer on hand in order to get the most and best use of this equipment.

Primary Features of the Turbosound IQ15

The ULTRANET communication connectivity of the Turbosound IQ15 is standard on the IQ series and lets you easily send and receive a digital signal from your IQ15. This makes it easy to connect to your mixer for the best sound quality. Other great features include:

  • Bi-amped
  • Maximum peak SPL of 132 dB
  • Multiple mounting options
  • 2500 watts of power
  • Two XLR inputs
  • Three XLR outputs
  • Spatial Contour Control to compensate frequency response
  • 15”low-frequency driver
  • 1” compression driver
  • Class D power amp
  • Multiple internal rigging points
  • Onboard DSP
  • Full USB remote control

The rear panel of the Turbosound IQ15 features an LCD display that is easy to read, Channel A and B controls, and a rotary encoder for adjusting the level, speaker modeling, EQ, and feedback control. There are also multiple channels and connectors for hooking up your equipment.

The onboard USB port makes it easy for you to remotely control your loudspeaker using your computer. Doing so also makes it easy to download speaker modeling firmware updates to ensure that you continue to get the best sound from your Turbosound IQ15.

The mix output of the IQ15 makes it easy to connect more speaker systems. This is great for linking together various loudspeakers and getting all of the power and sound that you desire.

Even when you are enjoying music at extreme sound levels, you won’t have to worry about distortion or coloration of your sound. This is thanks to the fiberglass reinforcement in the composite enclosure. Not only does this keep the enclosure durable and lightweight but it ensures that you always experience great sound.

Alternatives to the IQ15

The Turbosound IQ15 is a great choice for many musicians but the higher price tag can put it out of reach of some people. If that is the case for you, then you may want to consider the Turbosound PA System M10. This is a two-way loudspeaker that is great for installed and portable applications and still features the great DSP of the IQ15. It is only 600 watts, however, so you may not have all of the power you need.

Another great alternative is the Rockville RPG12. These speakers generally ship in pairs and come with 15” powered subwoofers. While they are similar in price to the Turbosound IQ15, you actually get twice the equipment when you choose this alternative.

Conclusion: Should You Consider the Turbosound IQ15?

The Turbosound IQ15 is a wonderful option no matter if you are going to be setting it up in a permanent location or are taking it with you on the road. Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry and the built-in handles are durable and supportive. Additionally, it can be mounted in a variety of ways for the perfect sound every time.

While the price tag is a little more than other similar loudspeakers, the Turbosound IQ15 is a wonderful option, thanks to the high-quality components used in its construction. No matter how loud you are going to play or what sound level you need to fill your room, you won’t ever have to worry about distortion. For this reason, the IQ15 is a great option for churches of any size and for musicians who play a lot of gigs in various locations.

We hope our Turbosound IQ15 review has been helpful. You might be interested in our list of the best church speakers.

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