How to transmit wireless video

How To Transmit Wireless Video To Your Church Projection System

This may seem like a no brainer to many people but to the person who is technologically challenged this is something that they might not even be aware of. You can cut the cables in your church sanctuary or for that matter in your entire church facility by going wireless with a wireless video transmitter.

Recently we had a bulb go out in our antiquated video projector. I looked online for a replacement bulb and was shocked that it was going to cost us hundreds of dollars.

That's right! Over $400.00 for a light bulb!

That is when I started doing research on church projection systems. What I found out is that we could upgrade our projection system for a little over what I was going to have to pay for the light bulb for our old projector.

The only problem was is today's modern projectors did not have the connections that the old projectors had. We needed to upgrade the cables to HDMI. There was just one problem. The projector was over 50 feet from the computer and you lose signal quality and strength when going over 50 feet with an HDMI cable.

The solution? Transmitting wireless video!

How To Transmit Wireless Video​

It is really a simple solution. Today we have the technology on how to transmit wireless video if​ we have a HDMI wireless transmitter and receiver system. I didn't know such a thing existed. I imagine that some of you didn't either.

At less than $100.00 cost the benefits of doing it this way outweighed the cost immensely. We didn't have to

  • Buy long HDMI cables and pay someone to run them to the projector and hide them from being seen.
  • Use the projection system alongside the live streaming system to provide video for the nursery, overflow, and multi-purpose room.

Check out the one we purchased through Amazon for use in our multi-purpose room to connect our PC to our 50" flat screen TV. It works great! 

It has saved us tremendous headache for little expense.​

How To Connect To Your TV Or Projector Wirelessly

​On Windows 8 you have an icon at the bottom right that connects you to wireless displays. On my Windows 10 laptop I have to type in connect in the search bar at the bottom to find the connect wizard. You then just tell it to connect to the wireless display listed and there you go!

You now have cut the cables and are transmitting wireless video from your PC to your projector or TV.

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