Taylor GS Mini-E Koa Review: Little Guitar With Big Sound

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Taylor GS Mini-E Koa review image

Our Taylor GS Mini-E Koa Review

Whether it is sitting around a campfire, playing in your home, or performing in a concert hall, there’s something undeniably enticing about the Taylor GS Mini-E Koa’s scaled-down size and impressive voice of a full-size guitar.

That blend of ease of movement and musicality has proven to be a stellar combination that fits into so many aspects of life. It’s not too big, it’s not too precious, and it’s not too expensive.

Between the compact size and full-voiced tone and projection, acoustic-electric players at every level love having a Taylor GS Mini-E Koa within arm’s reach.

Wherever you may be — whether on the go or the sitting on the couch you will love this guitar. The hardwood mahogany top yields a meaty, punchy response that lively pickers and strummers will enjoy. Moreover, the ES-T electronics produce a rich sound few will equal.

Check out the video of the Taylor Koa series in the related video tab. After watching the video, you will understand why Taylor is one of the most popular acoustic-electric guitars and desired by musicians all over the world. The sound produced by a Taylor guitar is like no other.

Bottom Line

Those that would complain about the $800.00 price point do not understand what it is to own a Taylor guitar. You are buying one of the best built, best sounding, most prized guitars on the market.

The Taylor GS Mini-E Koa is one of the best small body guitars you can get. It may take a while to “warm up” in its sound, but once it does, it will play just as well as the big boys.

Size doesn’t matter with this excellent guitar.

Just take a moment to listen to the big sound the Taylor GS Mini makes!


Taylor GS Mini-e Solid Koa Top ESB w/Gig Bag with case Taylor GS Mini-e Solid Koa Top ESB w/Gig Bag with case
  • Solid koa top sounds as beautiful as it looks
  • Layered Hawaiian koa back and sides give you excellent tone and structural integrity
  • Sapele neck with ebony fingerboard gives you a comfortable, toneful playing experience
  • No pickguard — show off all that beautiful koa grain
  • ES-B pickup designed by the same people who built your guitar
  • 5mm dot fretboard inlays, chrome tuners, and 3-ring rosette accent
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  • A scaled-down GS that proves size doesn’t matter.
  • Hawaiian Koa top whose visual beauty is immediately inspiring, while its musical tone opens up over time.
  • The Mini-e guitar is outfitted with the Expression System 2 pickup/preamp combo that includes a built-in digital chromatic tuner.
  • It has a central core with three-layered koa wood for the back and sides which makes it stronger against climate changes that can ruin your guitar.
  • It has a clean, symmetrical look of traditional acoustic guitar design.
  • While the guitar might be a scaled-down size, the sound is full-size.
  • The guitar has a clear varnish finish that’s consistent throughout the entire body and neck.


  • Solid Hawaiian Koa Top And Koa central core.
  • Mini size for ease of play and weight.
  • Expressions System 2 electronics.
  • Unique exotic woodgrain of the Koa top. Each one is different.


  • Price.
  • It is more challenging to play on the higher frets due to no cutaway.

We hope our Taylor GS Mini-E Koa review has been helpful.

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