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Slingstudio Hub Review – Makes Managing Live Streaming Easy

Slingstudio Hub review featured imageOur Slingstudio Hub Review

Churches who are interested in broadcasting from multiple cameras at once to enjoy a full and immersive experience often find themselves at a loss when looking for the right equipment for their needs.

It can be difficult to find equipment that can handle not only recording, but also editing, streaming, and switching live video.

A portable and affordable option, such as Slingstudio Hub, makes this much easier than ever before.

Churches looking for control over their recording and broadcasting will appreciate the power of Slingstudio Hub and the control that it offers them.

What Is the Slingstudio Hub?

This is the first ever multi-camera broadcasting platform that is also wireless. It’s designed to make it easy to not only record and edit those recordings but also to stream incredible video wirelessly to various online platforms.

This is a portable option that is easy to pick up and take to a new location, making it simple for users to record from a variety of spots inside their church without problems.

Released just two years ago in 2017, Slingstudio Hub was created to make it easy to broadcast live video and to synchronize from multiple recording points.

Rather than trying to record from a phone, which has obvious limitations, but the ease of uploading, churches can now use Slingstudio Hub.

This piece of equipment makes it easy to connect multiple video sources to a private WIFI network for fast and easy uploading.

Who Is this Live Streaming Hub Designed for?

One of the best things about Slingstudio Hub is how easy it is to use, which means that it is perfect for beginners who don’t have a lot of experience with handling this type of equipment.

Both small and larger churches can benefit from live streaming their events and sermons, and the Slingstudio Hub makes it easy for the A/V team or staff member to set this up in a hurry.

While it can be used with just one camera, the Slingstudio Hub really shines when multiple recording devices are connected.

This is great for larger churches who want to live stream a variety of angles from their events. Additionally, this makes it easy to ensure that you always get the best shot when recording.

What’s Included?

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SlingStudio Hub - HD Video Switcher for Multi-Camera Production, and Live Streaming

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The Slingstudio Hub comes with everything that users need to set it up and start streaming or recording, as long as they already have a camera. It ships with a power supply so that it can be left on for long periods of time. Churches who want more freedom and want to be able to move around with this equipment may want to invest in a battery.

The great thing about Slingstudio Hub is that it can be set up with a cell phone. While this is not the best recording equipment on the market, it can show a church how easy it is to set up the Slingstudio Hub and makes it possible for users to turn it on and start recording and streaming without any delay.

Primary Features of the Slingstudio Hub

While the Slingstudio Hub is easily scalable, one of the great features is that it can be used with just one camera. This is perfect for churches who are just learning how to use this type of equipment and want to be able to start small without overspending on equipment. Additional features that it offers include:

  • Ability to add up to 10 cameras
  • Fast and wireless setup
  • The small design makes it easy to transport
  • Chroma key ability can remove the background during recordings
  • Free console apps to control the Slingstudio Hub from many locations
  • Powerful battery makes it easy to move the Slingstudio Hub from one location to another

The built-in live streaming encoder makes it easy to live-stream services and events without having to set up or connect a dedicated computer. This means that users can start recording and streaming and then not have to monitor the equipment until after the event is over.

Thanks to the wireless CameraLinks feature, all cameras can be connected wirelessly to the Slingstudio Hub, which means that users have a lot of freedom to move around when shooting, ensuring the best shots all of the time.

Alternatives to the Slingstudio Hub

The first alternative we would like to point out is not another piece of equipment, but a service. Our very own Easy Live Streaming solution that is plug n play and not only records your video but allows you to stream to multiple platforms at the same time. Not only is it plug n play but it is so simple you do not even need a volunteer to monitor the equipment.

The Slingstudio Hub is a great option for live streaming video and audio from church events, but churches who want something a little more permanent may prefer the URayTech MPEG4. This piece of equipment allows users to easily broadcast on Facebook, YouTube, Ustream, Twitch, and more. This is ideal for churches who have an active online social media presence and need to connect with their fans.

Another alternative is the Matrox Monarch HD. This is a powerful piece of equipment that makes it easy to stream and record simultaneously. This allows churches to not only stream their content for live audiences online but also to record it for editing and saving later. The high price tag is daunting, but the equipment is powerful.

Conclusion – Should You Consider this Video Hub?

The Slingstudio Hub is one of the easiest options, besides our own, for churches looking to broadcast from a few different pieces of video recording equipment.

Thanks to how easy it is to set up and the WIFI capabilities that it offers, it’s great for most any church, regardless of its size. It’s portable and powerful, which are great considering that it is used to broadcast live music and audio.

The main downside is that it is an expensive option. However, because users can start with just one camera or smartphone and hook it up to the Slingstudio Hub, it’s easy to add to this equipment as a budget allows.

While the price can be daunting for some smaller churches to afford, like our own solution, this allows you to live stream without needing a video technician.

There are other alternatives on the market but our Easy Live Streaming solution or the Sling Studio Hub are unique, making them an option for churches who want to broadcast live video and audio without a lot of difficult setup.

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