Roland Blues Cube Stage Review: A Powerhouse Stage Performance Amplifier


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Our Roland Blues Cube Stage Review

The Blues Cube series has been reinvented with the Roland Blues Cube Stage Amp. This latest version of the amp officially relaunches the classic 1×12 combo amp with a few tweaks for the new age of post-rock music.

Roland’s Blues Cube Stage is a powerhouse of an amp which has been made possible by combining the lush 6L6 tube sound of the classic Blues Cube with the response and reliability of modern technology. With the Blues Cube Stage,

Roland has been successful in reproducing the inner workings of its signature amp, resulting with an amp that delivers a versatile, clean sound, complex tones, and variable power outputs so that you can crank up the sound to any volume.

The Roland Blues Cube Stage amp comes from the manufacturing line gig-ready to deliver a plethora of sweet, magical tones any guitarist would appreciate. Whether you are looking for a reliable amp with a great sound for a blues session or a full-blown gig, or just something to play at church, the Roland Blues Cube Stage amp is very soon going to become your go-to amp for solo or group performances.

Who Is This Amplifier For?

The best part about the Roland Blues Cube Stage amp is that it’s been set for stage use. This means there’s no need to fiddle with the controls to get that solid clean sound while playing at a gig. However, you don’t have to be a professional guitarist to use the Roland Blues Cube Stage amp because the amp is easy to use and light to handle.

If you’ve been playing around with solid state amps for a while now and are looking for a reliable amp that sounds great and gives you lots of control, then why not go with the Roland Blues Cube Stage for its clean, rich sound with reliable high gain channels?

What’s Included With The Blues Cube?

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Roland Blues Cube Stage - 60W 1x12" Guitar Combo Amp - Blonde

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The following is a breakdown of the Roland Blues Cube Stage:

  • Power: 60 W
  • Equipped with: 1x 12″ Speaker
  • 2 Channel, Dual-Tone mode for blending both channels
  • Hi and Low-instrument input
  • Master volume control
  • 3-Band EQwith built-in Reverb
  • Boost and Tone Switch for each channel
  • USB-Output for direct recording
  • Footswitch for switching the channels

The Roland Blues Cube Stage is a 60W, 1×12 amp that sounds and responds like a tube amp. The custom 12” speaker is complemented by two killer channels to take care of all of your gigging needs. The best part of the two individual channels of the Stage is that they each have their own tone-sculpting boost along with tone switches that make it a truly versatile amp.

While some people will be quick to point out that the Blues Cube Stage is not a solid state, but the one advantage that this amp has over the others is its ability to accept Roland’s tone capsules, which allows you to take the sound of the amp in many different directions.

Overview of the Features Of The Blues Cube Stage

One of the first things you are going to notice about the Roland Blues Cube Stage is that both of its channels deliver a warm and full sound, which cannot be said for most amps in the same price range. This alone makes it a great choice for those who are looking for an amp that is able to deliver a tube-ish sound.

The Roland Blues Cube Stage is also a great choice for those who are not of the habit of using many pedals and are more comfortable with just a basic setup.

If you are looking for a performance, then that’s exactly what you are going to get with the Roland Blues Cube Stage. The amp is great for finding that perfect blues tone for your next gig.

There’s also a dual channel feature along with boost buttons that gives the player plenty of choices when it comes to the tone. The Stage also features a nice clean channel while the crunch channel delivers quite a punch.

If you like to practice in your bedroom or play the guitar at a church, the Roland Blues Cube Stage is able to deliver a plethora of great tones at very low volumes thanks to the variable power switch settings.

One of the highlights of the Roland Blues Cube Stage is the integration of the classic-style amp with modern tech. One such example can be given of the easy access USB output, which makes it easy for players to record directly to the laptop or PC.

The presence of an analog delay allows you to experiment with various sounds to improve your performance. The reverb on the Roland Blues Cube Stage is also much better when compared to other amps that are around the same price. With the Stage, you can expect to experience a fuller sound that’s way more satisfying than your average amp.

One thing’s for sure, you are not going to need your overdrive pedal anymore with the Roland Blues Cube Stage.

One of the areas that are of some concern for guitarists is the lack of effects loop in the Roland Blues Cube Stage. Another minor gripe that some people have had with the Roland Blues Cube Stage has got to do with its aesthetics, mainly the fact that the controls are located at the top of the amp.

While these issues are not going to be deal breakers for those who love the sound quality of the Roland Blues Cube Stage, you might want to try out a Bandit, but be ready to skimp on the sound quality.

Conclusion – Is The Roland Blues Cube Stage Amplifier The Right Choice For You?

The high level of sound quality and the affordable price of the Roland Blues Cube Stage makes it a keeper. Not only does the Stage deliver excellent quality vintage tube tones, but it also has a touch response that players look for in an amp.

Furthermore, Roland Blues Cube Stage is a versatile amp that delivers great sound quality that’s suitable for both pick players and fingerstyle players alike. The Roland Blues Cube Stage has been designed to shine in any situation.

We hope our Roland Blues Cube Stage review has been helpful to you. You might want to check out our list of the best church guitar amplifiers.



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