PRS Archon 100 Review – A Flexible Amp with Plenty of Impact

Our PRS Archon 100 Review

Great musicians need great amps.

No matter if you are playing with your friends on the weekend or performing with a church praise band, you need to make sure that you invest in an amplifier that allows you to be heard and will help set your music apart from other bands.

Paul Reed Smith Guitars has been known since 1985 for producing some of the highest quality musical equipment on the market.

While they became famous for producing instruments, their amps, such as the Archon 100 is packed with power and impressive features that will keep a musician coming back for more.

What Is the PRS Archon 100?

The PRS Archon 100 is an impressive and highly versatile two-channel amp. It’s designed to offer musicians complete control over their music, as they can enjoy clean and bright sounds, as well as grittier and more aggressive tones.

Released in late 2013, the PRS Archon 100 filled a need on the market for amps that are adjustable and easily controlled, but still, offer plenty of raw power.

Since its release, the PRS Archon 100 hasn’t undergone any major changes. It is still designed from birch plywood with a finger-joint construction and boasts a lot of power in just 43 pounds.

Who Is this Guitar Amp Designed for?

This impressive amp is designed for musicians who are ready to take complete control over their sound and want an amp that will help them do that.

It makes it easy to customize your sound, which advanced musicians will be able to do easily, but beginners may struggle with.

Because it can be used for clean or crunchy sounds, as well as its ability to work in small or larger venues, this is an incredibly versatile piece of equipment.

Any advanced or professional musician looking for a full and balanced tone in all frequencies and who wants to push their sound without a lot of saturation will want to consider the PRS Archon 100.

However, the high price tag can put it out of reach for many musicians and bands.

Professional musicians and praise bands of larger churches will definitely want to consider the Archon 100, as it is designed to provide complete control over all aspects of your sound.

What’s Included?

PRS Archon 100W/50W Tube Guitar Amplifier Head PRS Archon 100W/50W Tube Guitar Amplifier Head


Front Panel Controls

  • Volume/Treble/Middle/Bass/Master for each channel
  • Bright Switch for each channel
  • Global Presence & Depth

Rear Panel Controls

  • Half Power Switch, Impedance Selector

Bias Jack Terminals

  • Accessible from Back Panel


  • Channel and Loop Bypass Switches (Two button, LED)

Effects Loop

  • Series
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The PRS Archon 100 ships with a power cord, but that is all that it comes with, which means that musicians need all other cords, any pedals they want to use, as well as their instrument. Guitarists don’t need to worry, however, as the Archon 100 is easy to set up and to control, allowing for instant improvement of sound and performance.

Primary Features of the Archon 100

Thanks to the impressive 4/8/16-ohm speaker output on the Archon 100, it’s easy for any guitarist to quickly connect this amp to their preferred speaker cabinet. Other great features include:

  • The metal amp is designed to withstand the rigors of life on the road
  • All-tube design
  • Impressive 12AX7 preamp tubes
  • 6L6 power tubes
  • Each channel features a master volume
  • Impressive dynamics result in full coverage of all frequencies, even at lower volumes

The back panel features easy access bias points. These make it simple for musicians to perform required tube maintenance to keep the PRS Archon 100 in great working condition.

This amp features plenty of headroom even with the aggressive overdriven tones. What this means is that while the Archon 100 really shines when used in heavier applications, it also sounds great and can be made to produce sparkling and clean sounds, resulting in a versatile piece of equipment.

Thanks to the responsive tone of the PRS Archon 100, musicians will enjoy perfect note separation, which makes it easier for others to listen to their music and hear every nuance.

The 6L6 tubes were included in the Archon 100 thanks to the fact that they offer such a balanced and warm tone. This tone extends across all frequencies, ensuring a sweet and smooth sound.

Musicians can easily choose between 50 or 100 watts of power output with the flip of a switch, making this amp extremely flexible and perfect for a variety of uses and locations.

Alternatives to the PRS Archon 100

PRS is known to produce such high-quality equipment that even beginners want to have a chance to use these amps. The Sonzera Combo amp boasts 50W of power and features EL 34 power tubes, giving it a great tone. With a two-button footswitch, musicians will have complete power over their tone and the great raw power of PRS without overspending.

Musicians who love the Archon 100, but don’t need quite as much power, will want to consider the Sonzera 50. With 50W of power, as well as impressive and high-quality tubes, this equipment is built to last. It features three-band EQ and presence, reverb, drive, volume, bright switch, and master controls.

Conclusion – Is this Guitar Amplifier Worth a Second Look?

The PRS Archon 100 is one of Paul Reed Smith’s most powerful amp heads on the market today, but the power and the control that it offers comes with a price tag that equates with those benefits.

However, it’s easy to integrate this head into most any rig. It connects easily to most speakers and offers all of the power that a guitarist could ever want when they are performing.

For these reasons, the PRS Archon 100 is worth a second look, but only if you or your praise band have the money necessary for this equipment. It’s expensive, but it is an investment in your future and your music.

While it won’t instantly make you a better musician, it will make it much easier for musicians to hone their sound and improve their tone. This gives any musician a boost of confidence and will help them to stand out from the band during solos and from other musicians during gigs.

We hope our PRS Archon 100 review has been helpful.