Plustek Smartoffice PS286 Plus Review – A Great Scanner for a Small Office

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Plustek Smartoffice PS286 Plus review featured image

Our Plustek Smartoffice PS286 Plus Review

Churches who are interesting in digitizing their files so that they can stop storing as much paper in the office or are simply interested in being able to scan in recent documents need to make sure that they invest in a high quality and durable scanner.

Some scanners only can handle one side of the document at once, which is why it’s such a good idea to look for one that can handle both sides, as well as take up very little room in the office.

The Plustek Smartoffice PS286 is a surprisingly powerful scanner, given its size, making it a great choice for use in many church offices.

What Is the Plustek Smartoffice PS286 Plus?

The Plustek Smartoffice PS286 is a very small scanner that can easily hold up to 50 sheets of paper at once. It weighs less than four pounds, but it can easily scan to computers using a Mac or Windows operating system.

The original scanner had a different document feeder, but the redesigned feeder ensures that users can easily scan frequently without jams and can also scan rigid cards.

This is great for employment purposes, as this scanner can handle scanning visitor cards, driver’s licenses, and other ID cards.

Unlike some scanners that require the user to sort through the documents prior to scanning, the Plustek Smartoffice PS286 doesn’t require any operator adjustments and can easily scan various items without adjustments or problems.

The auto threshold feature allows the scanner to convert images into black and white images without any loss in quality. Additionally, it rotates the document automatically, which is great for a busy church office, as documents can be placed into the scanner quickly and the Plustek Smartoffice PS286 will complete any necessary rotations.

With other features such as deskew and auto crop, as well as blank page removal, this scanner is designed to optimize office efficiency.

Who Is this Scanner Designed for?

The Plustek Smartoffice PS286 is designed for any small or medium church office where the staff needs to be able to quickly and easily scan and edit documents without babysitting the scanner to ensure that it is working correctly.

Because this scanner can be turned on, have documents inserted for scanning, and then left to work on its own, it cuts down on the time that someone needs to spend babysitting the equipment.

Thanks to its small footprint, it’s the perfect size for a small church who doesn’t have a lot of space for larger equipment.

Because it offers great optical resolution at an affordable price, it’s a wonderful option for any church who needs a scanner but is unwilling to compromise on document quality.

All scanned documents are searchable, but one downside is that the Plustek Smartoffice PS286 doesn’t send files to TurboTax, which can be frustrating for some churches working on their taxes.

What’s Included?

Plustek SmartOffice PS286 Plus Document Scanner Plustek SmartOffice PS286 Plus Document Scanner
  • Advanced image enhancement to automatically straighten and rotate pages, adjust brightness, and crop images to minimize file size and increase OCR accuracy
  • Scans rigid cards including insurance cards, ID cards, drivers licenses, etc.
  • 50 sheet Automatic Document Feeder; duplex scanning
  • 25ppm (50 images/min) scan speed; 1500 page per day duty cycle
  • Single-touch customizable button automates up to 9 frequent scanning jobs
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The Plustek Smartoffice PS286 ships with everything that a church needs to set up this powerful scanner and start using it right away. It ships with the scanner itself, as well as the power cord and the cord to connect the equipment to the computer. Additionally, users can access powerful software that is used to make scanning and searching even easier than before.

Primary Features of the Plustek Smartoffice PS286 Plus

One great feature of the Plustek Smartoffice PS286 is that it offers impressive color dropout, ensuring that all documents look their best and are easy to read, even when the original was in full color and now is in black and white. Other great features include:

  • Can scan up to 1500 pages per day cycle
  • Easily automates up to nine frequent jobs at the touch of a button
  • Can handle all types of paper, including rigid options
  • Features advanced image enhancement abilities
  • Syncs online storage to mobile devices
  • Creates searchable files

The ability to easily scan documents of different sizes really sets this scanner apart from others on the market and decreases the amount of time that an employee needs to monitor the equipment. It is perfect for handling all documents without any problems.

Additionally, the ability to store freshly scanned documents to a variety of places allows every user to have their documents in fast and easy reach.

Alternatives to the Smartoffice PS286 Plus

While the Plustek Smartoffice PS286 is surprisingly affordable given all of the features that it offers, some churches may find that it is a little out of their price range.

These churches may want to consider the Plustek PS186. It can easily scan up to 50 images per minute and immediately saves all files as searchable PDFs, making it simple to look through them at a later time.

Another option is the Fujitsu FI-6130Z. This duplex scanner can continuously scan embossed and hard cards and has a multi-feed function that makes it possible to easily scan overlapping documents without jams. It has single touch operation and can easily scan with a 300 dpi resolution.

Conclusion – Will the Plustek Smartoffice PS286 Plus Meet Your Needs?

While the Plustek Smartoffice PS286 may not be large enough to handle all of the jobs of a large and busy church office, it is a great option for smaller churches to consider.

Thanks to how easy it is to set up, as well as the ability to send documents to various applications, it’s a great option for a church who is trying to become paperless and wants complete control over their documents and forms.

It is incredibly small and light, but this doesn’t mean that it isn’t powerful, as it can handle up to 1500 sheets a day without any problems.

All paper sizes scan perfectly, which means that it can handle everything from a receipt or a driver’s license to legal size paper without changing settings or worrying about jamming.

Users can easily store their digital documents in many different folders on their computer or even save them to the cloud, Evernote, Google Drive, and Facebook. PC users can set SkyDrive and DropBox as their safe points, making accessing scanned documents at a later time incredibly fast and easy.

We hope our Plustek Smartoffice PS286 Plus review has been helpful to you. You might be interested in our list of the best church printers.

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