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Our Peavey DM112 Review

In order to enjoy the best possible sound when playing an instrument in a performance, you have to make sure that you invest in quality components. A great PA speaker is necessary, but choosing the right one isn’t as easy as simply buying the first one that you find. Instead, you need to make sure that you have a speaker that is designed to offer you the power that you need and is easy to use so that you don’t struggle with setup or adjustments.

As expected, with so many different PA speakers on the market, it can be a little overwhelming to find the best one for your needs. There are many different features that you will want to compare, but if you are looking for a speaker that is high-quality, durable, and offers the features and components that professionals look for when shopping, then you will want to consider the Peavey DM112. This durable speaker is loaded with features that even beginning musicians will love, and it is easy to use, which makes it great for people who are just starting out as musicians as well as professionals who have been performing for a longer time.

By getting all of the relevant information about a product, you can easily choose the best one for your needs. By researching speakers, you won’t just learn about what they are able to do, but you will discover any limitations that they have that may hinder you in the future. Read on to learn more about the Peavey DM112 and to find out whether or not it may be a good investment for you to make.

Who Does This PA Speaker Appeal To?

Most of the people who buy the Peavey DM112 are musicians who are looking for a way to broadcast their sound and ensure that it sounds clear, crisp, and is enjoyable for people to listen to. Any musician who performs live or records their music can benefit from this speaker. It comes loaded with a number of presets, which makes it very easy to use. Additionally, the Peavey DM112 is fan cooled, which means that it’s reliable for long periods of use and isn’t at high risk of overheating and failing you during a performance.

Another professional who may turn to the Peavey DM112 is a DJ. DJs need high-quality equipment that is designed to last through long sets, provide great sound quality, and is durable enough to go on the road without being damaged.

It’s also a good idea for churches to invest in quality equipment like the Peavey DM112. When churches have praise bands playing or simply want to make sure that speakers are easy to hear through microphones, then they need to invest in the right equipment. Musicians, DJs, and churches who are in need of a durable speaker that is easy to use should consider the Peavey DM112 as a candidate. It’s incredibly cost-effective and offers many features that make using it easy and enjoyable.

What’s in the Box?

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Peavey A-B Box JUMBO DM112

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Like most speakers on the market, the Peavey DM112 doesn’t ship with a lot of accessories, but you will get everything that you need to use this piece of equipment right away without waiting for anything else to ship to you. It comes with the speaker, the power cord, and an instruction booklet. Thankfully for musicians who don’t have much experience with using speakers, the instruction booklet is clear and makes sense. Setup is easy, and without any moving parts, there isn’t any fear of pieces or accessories not shipping with the speaker.

The Features Of The DM112

With a dynamic bass boost function, users won’t ever have to worry about lower bass affecting the quality of their sound. Unlike other speakers that simply don’t have the same level of power, the Peavey DM112 is not only easy to configure for personal preferences, but also allows users to set different parameter of the operation.

Traveling with the Peavey DM112 is easy, and thanks to the durability of the enclosure, there is very little risk, if any, of the speaker being damaged. The enclosure consists of injected molded cabinets, as well as steel grilles. With the ability to use this speaker on the floor or mount it on a pole, it’s as versatile as it is powerful.

Even though it is very lightweight, which makes it easy to carry from place to place, this speaker is incredibly loud. That’s due to the bi-amplified analog amp in the speaker as well as the advanced waveguide technology. This technology features 110 by 80-degree coverage, which ensures that everyone can enjoy the sound from your speaker.

Low notes come through perfectly with this speaker, thanks to the 12” heavy-duty woofer.

An Alternative to Consider

The Alphasonik PRO Venum Series V812BT speaker is a great alternative for musicians who like the Peavey DM112 but don’t have enough money set aside to purchase it. Like the Peavey, the Alphasonik speaker has an LCD screen. It is designed to release heat quickly and easily, which ensures that it won’t overheat during a performance. Thanks to the air ports on both sides of the speaker, as well as the extruded massive heat sink, the Alphasonik is a good choice for users who operate in high-temperature areas and want a speaker that can stand up to long hours of use.

Conclusion – Is The Peavey DM122 Right For Your Sound System?

No matter how advanced a musician you are, you can rely on the Peavey DM112 to give you the power and control over your sound that you crave. If you want to make sure that you really have control over your sound system in all situations then this speaker from Peavey is one that you will want to consider. It’s incredibly cost-effective, which is great for musicians and churches who are on a budget, but who don’t want a budget sound.

While other companies offer PA speakers that are comparable, Peavey has long been known for providing some of the best equipment in the world, and for good reason. This particular speaker is no different, as it will allow you control over your sound, is reliable, even when used for long periods of time, and features advanced technology for crystal clear sound that you can count on. It’s definitely worth thinking about buying the Peavey DM112 if you have any speaker needs.

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