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Our Orange CR120C Review

Orange Music Electronic Company is a famous English amp manufacturer who produces equipment that is not only easily recognizable due to the bright orange covering on cabinets and heads, but also for its distinctive sound.

These amps are the result of years of research and development and are truly powerful, which is surprising to some people due to their smaller size. The Orange CR120C is known for being truly powerful and is a great representation of the hard work and commitment to excellence that sets Orange amps apart from others on the market.

What Is the Orange CR120C?

The Orange CR120C is a part of the Crush range, which was created as a foray into the world of solid-state and high power amps. While these amps offer plenty of power and control over your sound, they are incredibly simple to use. Because of this, the Orange CR120C is very easy to use, but still offers incredible control and sound quality.

This speaker is incredibly high quality and packed full of features that make it easy to control your sound without a lot of problems or a steep learning curve.

Who Is this Guitar Amp Designed for?

Even though this amp has a very simplistic design, it really isn’t designed for beginners. It’s not only the higher price tag that may turn off some musicians from buying the Orange CR120C, but also because this amp features a ton of power that many beginners and even intermediate players don’t need, at least at first when they are learning how to play the guitar or bass guitar.

Due to the power of the Orange CR120C, this is an excellent option for use during live performances. It is packed with power and is able to provide musicians with a choice of clean and more distorted sounds, allowing for perfect sound creation during live shows. While it can be used for recording and for private practice, it really shines when up on stage.

Although this amp is easier to use, it makes it easy for more advanced musicians to plug in their favorite pedals. Beginning musicians will certainly be able to enjoy using this equipment without additional pedals, but it does limit the playing style and tone that users can enjoy.

What’s Included with the CR120C?

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Orange CR120C 2CH Crush Combo 2x12

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Like most amps that you can buy online, the Orange CR120C doesn’t come with any additional accessories or items. It can be used with optional pedals, but they are not included in the purchase price of this equipment.

All cables that you will need to connect your pedals and your instruments to the Orange CR120C will need to be bought separately, so it’s a good idea to have them on hand before you receive your new amp, as this will allow you to start using it right away.

Primary Features of the Orange CR120C

The Orange CR120C is known for producing incredible sound thanks to the amp channels. These were designed after Rockerverb and are not only easy to use but offer incredible power. In addition, this great amp has the following features:

  • Built-in effects loop
  • Three digital reverb choices
  • Effects loop
  • Bright orange Tolex
  • 2 x 12 speakers
  • 120W combo amp
  • Made from 18 mm ply
  • Volume and reverb controls

The two channels are where this amp really shines. The dirty channel has a circuit with four different stages of gain as well as a three-band EQ. This means that users will be able to enjoy incredibly distorted sounds that are overdriven, lending them a personal feel and tone to their music. On the clean channel, a musician will be able to coax a warmer sound from their instruments. Turning up the sound on the clean channel will cause it to break up a little, but it won’t match the heavy distortion that occurs from the dirty channel.

Additionally, the Orange CR120C features a transparent effect loop. This means that musicians using this powerful amp can plug in their pedals, which means that the amp suddenly can be used for a wider variety of playing styles and situations.

The inbuilt digital reverb results in very natural sounding spring.

Alternatives to the CR120C

While many people love the Orange CR120C, the higher price tag may put it out of reach for some musicians. If that is the case for you, then you may want to consider the Orange Amps Electric Guitar Power Amplifier. This option is much better for the budget but has dual gain controls, a 6” speaker, 12W of power, and a three-band EQ so that you will have complete control over your sound when performing.

Another wonderful alternative that is still from Orange is the Crush 35RT. This features 35W of power, two channels, a built-in digital reverb, and one 10” speaker. With plenty of control over the sound of your music, this does have a higher price tag than the other alternative, but it is much more on par with the performance and power that you can expect from the Orange CR120C.

Conclusion – Is the Orange CR120C a Good Option to Consider?

This bright orange amp is incredibly powerful and makes it easy to enjoy both clean and dirty sounds, which is great for versatile musicians who want to show off their range and a wide variety of playing styles. The higher price tag of the Orange CR120C will easily put it out of range for some musicians, but more advanced musicians, as well as professionals, will be much better able to handle this higher price.

Due to the sheer raw power of this amp, it’s best used for on-stage performances. This means that it can easily be used during church services or for the praise band, but the heavy distortion probably won’t be ideal in these situations. While the cleaner channel can be used, with great results, ignoring the dirty channel means that you won’t be able to enjoy the full power of this amp.

If this amp is in your price range and you think that you can enjoy all of the raw power that it has to offer, then it is a great option. It is sure to provide more than power in most situations, allowing advanced musicians to really feel the music that they create and will blow all listeners away.

We hope our Orange CR120C review has been helpful to you. You might want to check out our list of the best guitar amplifiers to use in church.

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