Optoma W331 Review – A Dazzling Widescreen Projector

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Optoma W331 review featured image

Our Optoma W331 Review

While widescreen projectors have long been loved for their ability to produce a large and high-quality image on the wall, not all of them offer the best high-quality visuals.

This is a shame, as it means that some users simply won’t be able to enjoy the bright and crisp colors that they demand from their equipment.

The Optoma W331 is an exceptional widescreen projector that really excels at producing some of the best color and brightest contrast when showing videos, movies, or photographs.

This makes it an obvious choice for anyone looking for a great, high-quality picture, an impressive throw distance, and even 3D capabilities.

What Is the Optoma W331?

First available in 2016, the Optoma W331 was designed to be a small and powerful widescreen projector. It has large vents to help prevent the equipment from overheating and is designed with a functional, if not futuristic or modern, appearance.

Thanks to the high standard of this equipment, it doesn’t require any lengthy setup, which means that it can be put into action right away. As a DLP projector, it’s a good thing that it doesn’t have Keystone, as this can bring with it a lot of distortions.

Instead, users use manual horizontal and vertical adjustments to ensure the best image on the wall or screen. This does take a little more work up front but results in much better picture quality.

Who Is this Widescreen Projector Designed for?

This powerful conference room projector was originally designed to be used by businesses who wanted to show presentations to employees. It’s a powerful projector, however, and has been used for a long time by both individuals and churches who want to take advantage of the great features that it has to offer.

There is nothing basic about this projector, but that doesn’t mean that it is difficult to use.

One of the most impressive features of the Optoma W331 is that it offers 3D viewing, which is great for individuals or churches who have movies that they want to really pop.

The large throw size makes this an ideal projector for use in a larger room, as it can easily project a huge image on the wall. Even though the Optoma W331 is a high-quality option, it comes with a relatively low price tag, making it affordable for most churches.

What’s Included?

Optoma W331 3300 Lumen WXGA Widescreen 3D DLP Projector Optoma W331 3300 Lumen WXGA Widescreen 3D DLP Projector
  • WXGA Projection with 3300 lumens and 22000:1 contrast ratio
  • sRGB display profile dazzles with Rec709 color accuracy
  • Adjust the gamma output to match the color of the Projection surface with wall color adjustment
  • Hide jagged and soft edges with edge mask
  • Long Lamp life ensures low cost maintenance
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The Optoma W331 ships with both a powerful remote and a carry case. The remote makes it easy for users to control this projector from across the room, limiting the number of disturbances during a presentation.

Additionally, the carry case is high quality and designed to protect the Optoma W331 when it is in storage or when transporting it to a new location.

Using the Optoma W331 with smaller groups of people is not a problem, as the included speakers can easily support small groups, but larger groups of people may struggle to hear.

For this reason, churches will want to invest in high-quality external speakers so that everyone can clearly hear the audio on all videos or movies.

Primary Features of the W331

The Optoma W331 is a unique widescreen projector that can easily display true 3D content. This means that users can easily connect the projector to a 3D source for impressive videos. Other great features include:

  • Impressive Rec709 color accuracy
  • Edge mask to hide sharp edges
  • 22,000:1 contrast ratio
  • Multiple power modes to choose from
  • 10,000-hour lamp life
  • Projects onto any surface, no matter its color

Unlike some widescreen projectors, the Optoma W331 is incredibly portable. It only weighs 5.5 pounds and has a sleek and lightweight chassis, making it great for taking to various rooms around the church, as well as for mounting in a permanent location.

The impressive contrast ratio of the Optoma W331 easily beats out what other projectors are able to provide. This means that it produces incredible graphics that are very detailed, shows great shadows, and provides crisp and clear lines.

The 1280 x 800 resolution can be a little confusing for some people, but what sets the Optoma W331 apart is that it is a WXGA resolution projector. This means that this projector is better than 720P HD, but not quite as impressive as 1090P HD.

With the ability to create a screen up to 316” in size, it’s easy to see how this widescreen projector can be used to show incredibly large videos to big groups of people without anyone missing out on seeing the action.

Alternatives to the Optoma W331

The lamp life on the Optoma W331 is a little shorter than on some other similar options, which can be concerning for churches who are going to use their equipment on a regular basis.

Rather than worrying about lamp life, simply buying a projector such as the Optoma X343, which offers a longer lamp life, is a good option. This ensures a very low cost of ownership as the lamp won’t have to be replaced on a regular basis.

The ViewSonic 3600 is another good option for use in homes, offices, and churches. Even though the Optoma W331 is very affordable, the ViewSonic 3600 is a little lower in price. This can be the deciding factor for some churches who are on a tight budget or who need to buy more than one projector without overspending.

Conclusion – Will You Be Happy with this Widescreen Projector?

The Optoma W331 is a surprisingly powerful widescreen projector. It’s got enough lumens to ensure that users can watch a movie or presentation in a light room without problems, although closing the curtains to block out some sun is a good idea.

The power that the Optoma W331 offers makes it a great option for churches of all sizes.

Not only is the Optoma W331 fairly easy to set up and to use, but the power that it offers, as well as the lower price point, make it really attractive to a lot of churches.

It’s difficult to break the bank when buying the Optoma W331, making it a welcome addition to most church equipment.

We hope our Optoma W331 review has been helpful. You might be interested in our list of the best projectors.

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