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Our Moog Werkstatt Review

Based in Asheville, NC, Moog Music creates and produces electronic musical instruments. They were founded in 1953 and have produced many powerful instruments, including the Minimoog. The Minimoog quickly became one of the most popular and important electronic instruments in the industry.

In 2014, Moog released the Werkstatt, a compact and educational synthesizer designed to help users understand how this equipment works.

What Is the Moog Werkstatt?

The Moog Werkstatt was originally only available as a part of a workshop for musicians to learn how to build synthesizers. Since then, thanks to the high demand, Moog released the Werkstatt for other musicians to buy, build, and learn from. The original Werkstatt required soldering, but the kit that is available today is much easier to put together and features snap-together pieces that don’t require any soldering.

Not only will users enjoy being able to DIY the Moog Werkstatt, but the entire process goes far beyond simply putting together this synthesizer. Thanks to the powerful website that Moog created, users have access to an interactive site that provides information on modifying their Werkstatt and also has educational materials to help beginners learn how to use the Workstatt and express their creativity.

Who Is this Synthesizer Designed for?

The Moog Werkstatt is clearly designed for any beginner who is interested in learning how synthesizers work. It is incredibly easy to assemble since it only requires screwing a printed circuit board into the chassis and then adding buttons and washers. While the assembly is fairly basic and easy, it does allow users an up-close first encounter with how synthesizers are put together.

While the Moog Werkstatt is designed for beginners to be able to easily put together a synthesizer, that doesn’t mean that this piece of equipment is low quality or won’t offer the power that you have come to expect from Moog. It’s definitely a budget synthesizer, which is great for new musicians or musicians who are on a budget, but it still has a lot of power and all of the components used to build the Moog Werkstatt are durable and high quality.

What’s Included?

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Moog Werkstatt-01 - Analog Synthesizer Kit

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The Moog Werkstatt comes with all of the parts that you need to assemble this synthesizer. This means that the kit comes with the circuit board, chassis, top panel, power adapter, and a hardware kit that contains all of the smaller bits and components necessary for assembly. Also included are very clear and straightforward directions, making this kit a snap for any musician to put together.

Once you have built your Moog Werkstatt you will want to use it, so you need to make sure that you have the right gear on hand to do so. Because the Moog Werkstatt doesn’t ship with any cables, you need to make sure that you have some on hand, as well as any instruments, a computer, or amp that you are going to be using. It’s also a good idea to have some good headphones on hand, as the Moog Werkstatt has a lot of power and may disturb your family or neighbors when used exclusively with an amp.

Primary Features of the Moog Werkstatt

Thanks to the classic four-pole filter in this synthesizer you will be able to enjoy the traditional Moog sound. This filter has a lot of resonance and is easily modulated. Other great features include:

  • Build it yourself powerful synthesizer
  • Includes legendary four-pole ladder filter
  • Flexible filter effects with modulation
  • Ready to play with 13-note button keyboard
  • The snap-together design doesn’t require soldering
  • Wide-ranging oscillator pitch
  • The oscillator can be set to drone or follow the envelope

The built-in button keyboard means that you can start playing music right away. Even though this keyboard may not be as impressive as ones on other synthesizers, it offers an incredible amount of expression, making it easy to use the glide control to round off your edges, as well as playing legato with low-note priority.

Additionally, the patchbay of the Moog Werkstatt allows users to experiment with the sound that they create. This is easy to do, thanks to analog interconnectivity and voltage control, giving users a solid understanding of how to use synthesizers and how they really work.

Alternatives to the Werkstatt

If you aren’t sure if the Moog Werkstatt is right for you, then you will want to consider the littleBits Electronics Synth Kit. This is another DIY synthesizer kit that allows users to learn the basics of synthesizers while making their own. It offers great sound as soon as it is assembled and includes a project booklet that makes it easy for users to create a varying array of different sound circuits, as well as other projects.

Another great alternative is the Division 6 Business Card Sequencer Kit. Putting this kit together is very easy, and the lower price tag makes it more affordable for some musicians. It features a rest step, as well as a loop step, and can be used as a keyboard. If you need something that won’t break the bank, then you will want to consider this option.

Conclusion – Is the Moog Werkstatt a Good Choice for You?

The Moog Werkstatt is a perfect option for anyone who wants to learn how synthesizers are made and are interested in making their own, even without any prior electronics experience. While some people may balk at using a DIY synthesizer, the Moog Werkstatt is surprisingly powerful, making it a great option for many different uses.

If you are interested in going beyond simply buying a synthesizer and want to learn more about the creation of your equipment, then you will want to choose the Moog Werkstatt. Even though it is a less expensive option than other synthesizers on the market, it’s surprisingly powerful, which means that it can easily be used for live music as well as for recording and practice. Thanks to the wide frequency range provided by the oscillator, users will be able to enjoy deep and rumbling bass, as well as higher-pitched squealing, depending on the type of music that you play.

We hope our Moog Werkstatt review was helpful to you. You might want to checkout our list of the best church keyboards here.



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