Martin GPCRSGT Review – A Natural and Classic Acoustic-Electric Guitar

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Martin GPCRSGT review featured image

Our Martin GPCRSGT Review

Gigging, playing music with friends, or playing in a church praise band is a lot of fun, but you have to make sure that you have the right musical instruments so that you can be sure that you look and sound great.

Rather than opting for a lower quality guitar that won’t last for very long, musicians who take themselves seriously know that they need to spend a little more for an instrument that will last for years and will continue to sound rich and inviting.

Guitarists who are serious about their music and are willing to spend a little more money buying a long-lasting instrument will want to consider the Martin GPCRSGT.

Such as all other Martin instruments, this one is held to high standards and continues to surpass expectations.

What Is the Martin GPCRSGT?

The Martin GPCRSGT is part of the Martin Road Series of guitars. This series does a magnificent job blending the impressive tone that Martin instruments provide incredible playability.

This means that musicians can enjoy the lightning-fast sound from their guitar without worrying about it sounding muddled or out of tune.

First released in early 2016, the Martin GPCRSGT was designed to be affordable, yet feature-packed, guitar. It is designed with a body style, as well as other features, that helps it to project a forward tone that is clear and unfettered, making this a truly gig-ready instrument that also sounds great when used for practice and recording.

Who Is this Guitar Designed for?

The Martin GPCRSGT was clearly designed for the gigging musician who needed a guitar that they could rely on night after night.

It’s been crafted from select tonewoods for a rich sound that is easily heard over the crowd or other band members, making it great for solo performances, as well as for musicians who are in a band.

While other similar guitars with a great tone tend to be very expensive, Martin designed this guitar to be a bit more affordable.

Beginning guitarists may still balk at the price tag and will want to look for something a little lower in price, but intermediate and advanced musicians will recognize this incredible steal when they see it. It’s surprisingly affordable for all of the features and high-quality construction that it boasts.

Just check out how it sounds and you will be impressed.

What’s Included?

Martin GPCRSG Grand Performance Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural Martin GPCRSG Grand Performance Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural
  • Body Body shape: Grand Performance 14 Fret Cutaway: No Top wood: Sitka Spruce Back & sides: Mutenye Bracing pattern: Scalloped X Body finish: Gloss Orientation: Right handed Neck Neck shape: Performing Artist with High Performance Taper Nut width: 1.75 in. (44.45 mm) Fingerboard: FSC Certified Richlite Neck wood: Select Hardwood Scale length: 25.4 in. Number of frets: 20 Neck finish: Hand-r
  • Martin’s Road Series line of guitars features a blend of the legendary Martin tone, with solid-wood construction, and lightning-fast playability
  • The Martin GPCRSG Grand Performance Acoustic-Electric Guitar was designed for the player that is searching for incredible tone, playability, and visual appeal at an affordable price
  • Its all solid-wood construction produces a tone that will rival some of the most expensive guitars made today
  • To start with, Martin selected a solid Sitka spruce top as the basis of the tone engine
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This gorgeous guitar ships with a durable case that is designed to protect the instrument not only when it is in storage, but also when it’s being transported from one gig to another.

Church members who are in a praise band will appreciate knowing that their guitar won’t be knocked over when it’s in storage and that it won’t be damaged before bringing it out on stage.

Musicians need to make sure that they have any cables and amps on hand that they want to use with this guitar, as this will ensure that everyone in the congregation or audience can easily hear their music. Opting for a high-quality amp is the best way to really showcase the full sounds and impressive range of the Martin GPCRSGT.

Primary Features of the GPCRSGT

Martin has long been known for doing a great job picking tonewoods for their guitars, and the Martin GPCRSGT is no different. The solid Sitka Spruce top on this instrument not only looks great but offers a lively sound that is upbeat and projects incredibly well. Other great features of this guitar include:

  • Hybrid X scalloped bracing
  • Fast performing neck
  • Cutaway design for easy access to higher frets
  • Fishman electronics
  • Great choice of tonewoods for full and impressive sound

The volume and tone controls are located right in the soundhole, making it easy for musicians to access them. Thanks to the Fishman Sonitone pickup system, musicians will enjoy great output, no matter where they’re playing or practicing.

Even though the trim on this guitar is very simple, it’s still an attractive instrument. It features a Richlite bridge and fingerboard. The action is fast enough for musicians to enjoy playing speeding riffs without feeling like they have to slow down.

Martin chose to avoid any layered or laminate woods when making this guitar, and for good reason. They tend to slow down the action and result in a stiff sound without much bottom end. The GPCRSGT, on the other hand, has a punchy bottom, tons of sustain, and highs that sing clearly.

Alternatives to the Martin GPCRSGT

Musicians who love the clean appearance and bright sound of the Martin GPCRSGT, but need something a little more affordable will want to consider the Martin GPCX1AE. This guitar looks very similar to the GPCRSGT but is not only a little lighter but more affordable. It boasts a solid Sitka Spruce top, as well as Fishman electronics, making it a great choice for any musician.

Another great Martin guitar is the 000-15SM. The dark mahogany color of this gorgeous guitar, along with its beautiful Morado fingerboard and mahogany tonewood put it in a class of its own – which is evident by the slightly higher price. The light satin finish is attractive and the bracing is high quality, resulting in a guitar that looks and sounds amazing.

Conclusion – Is this Guitar a Good Choice?

Musicians know that playability matters when choosing a guitar, and that’s where the Martin GPCRSGT shines. All of the features that Martin embraced with this guitar, including a comfortable neck and impressive pickups make it a guitar that shines both on and off of the stage.

It’s easy to use this guitar as an acoustic or electric instrument without having to worry about a drop in sound quality.

The high price of the Martin GPCRSGT can be a bit of a turnoff for some musicians, but guitarists who understand the importance of high-quality instruments will want to consider this guitar when shopping.

The Martin name alone is enough to make a lot of people interested in this guitar, and since it’s so playable and offers great tone and bright sounds for almost any musician playing it, it’s a great choice for anyone who has the budget to afford it.

We hope our Martin GPCRSGT review has been helpful. You might be interested in our list of the best acoustic electric guitars.

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