Martin D15 Review: The Guitar For Intimate Settings

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Martin was established in 1833 and is well known and respected for producing high-quality flat top guitars, as well as steel-string acoustic guitars. While they make other musical instruments as well, such as electric basses, electric guitars, mandolins, and even ukuleles, they are best known for their incredible guitars.

Our Martin D15 Review

What is the Martin D15?

The Martin D15 is often considered a throwback instrument to some of Martin’s earlier guitars, specifically the Style 15 instruments. While these were very popular in the 1940s, the updated D15 is not only incredibly beautiful but features deep overtones thanks to the high-quality mahogany used in construction.

Made with mahogany so that the guitar will produce incredibly complex tones and offer great protection, the Martin D15 may look like its predecessors, but is much more powerful and a great accompaniment to brighter acoustic guitars.

Who is the Martin D15 Designed For?

Due to the higher price tag, this may not be the ideal guitar for beginners, simply because it is so expensive and beginners need to figure out their style and what type of guitar is the best option for them.

That being said, the Martin D15 is versatile, powerful, and produces a deep and rich tone, which makes it a great guitar for anyone who plays regularly and wants to improve their sound quality. As an acoustic guitar, it won’t be able to stand out in a larger band, especially when competing with electric guitars and loud drums, but it is perfect for more intimate shows, small groups, and for private play.

Advanced musicians who are ready to take their playing quality to the next level will love the D15 and the clear tone that they can enjoy when they play this guitar. Due to the range of tones, how well the sounds sustain, and the fact that the guitar doesn’t sound tinny or thin, it’s a great accompaniment to singing and sounds wonderful in a lot of venues, including intimate gatherings, practice, and recording.

What’s Included with the Martin D15?

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One great thing about the Martin D15 is that it comes with a hard case that is perfect for storing the guitar when you’re not playing it and also for traveling with your guitar. You won’t have to worry about it being damaged when you’re on the road, as the case is lined to protect your guitar.

The strings are high-quality, but many people like to switch them out for strings that will have a little bit of a lighter sound. Elixir Lights are very popular, but Martin SP light gauge strings are also a great option.

Unless you have a capo and picks around, you will also want to pick these up, as the guitar doesn’t ship with them or with a strap. This means that while you can play the D15 right out of the box, you will likely want to have these accessories on hand to improve playing and to make it possible to walk around with the guitar.

Primary Features of the Martin D15

Not only does the shape and size of the guitar allow for a deep and rich resonant tone, but the guitar itself is very attractive. Once you get past the beauty of the guitar, you will see that it has many features that set it apart from others on the market and make it not only a pleasure to listen to, but also to play, including:

  • All-mahogany body
  • Vintage features
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • Durable tuners
  • Modified low oval neck shape
  • Standard taper neck
  • Satin finish on top, back, and sides

The bass response of the D15 is incredible across all of the frequencies, which will allow you to play deep tones with great ease. Playing the D15 will allow you to enjoy a warm tone that is a great complement for lighter and brighter acoustic guitars.

Because this is a true acoustic guitar and not an acoustic-electric guitar, it can be difficult to stand out in a group unless in front of a mic. This guitar is ideal for accompanying vocals, and there aren’t any problems with thin sound, which means that it’s great for singing, but just not in a rock band.

The price of this guitar reflects the quality of the components and the work put into the guitar, but it may put it out of price range for some people. This can be frustrating for guitarists who are looking for a more powerful and intuitive instrument to play.

Alternatives to the Martin D15

The Martin D15 offers incredible sound quality that people love, but due to the price, it may be out of budget for some people. The Taylor 114ce Series Acoustic Guitar is a great option. Made from a mixture of walnut, sapele, and Sitka spruce, this guitar has a great tone, and since it is acoustic-electric, it is easier to hear in a noisy setting.

The Martin D28 is another great guitar to consider, especially if you are looking for an instrument with clear and light highs. It’s more expensive than the Martin D15, but it has rich sounds, punchy volume, and works well for many different types of music. This guitar is great for powerful accompaniment and can easily hold its own in most cases.

Conclusion – Is the Martin D15 a Good Choice?

Some musicians may be surprised at the price of this guitar, but it’s impossible to argue that you won’t get an amazing instrument when you buy the Martin D15. It’s a definite investment guitar, but one that can be used for years and in a variety of conditions without problems.

Due to the body style and the mahogany used in construction, the Martin D15 is durable, rich, and a pleasure to play. Both single notes and complete chords sound full and inviting, and the Martin D15 produces deep and resonant tones that are unlike ones that you can enjoy from a less expensive acoustic guitar.

Due to the price and the sound quality, this is a great acoustic guitar for intermediate or advanced musicians who want to push themselves musically and enjoy the quality sound that Martin has to offer.

We hope our Martin D15 review has helped you. You might want to check our our list of the best acoustic electric guitars for church.

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