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Our Marshall MX212A Review

Marshall Amps are some of the most popular amplifiers in the world, thanks to the easily recognizable signature sound, and using a great Marshall cabinet allows you to adjust the sound tone and quality of your amp quickly and easily.

Thanks to their dedication to improving sound quality and volume, Marshall has many fans all around the world, including Pete Townshend, who loves the crunchy sound that their amps and cabinets produce. Their cabinets all vary in size, power, and price, but one of the most popular ones on the market remains the Marshall MX212A. This cabinet adds a lot of flexibility to your music, but it is still packed with the features that Marshall fans know and love.

What Is the Marshall MX212A?

This is an extension cabinet that hooks up easily to your DSL head or to a combo. Because it is loaded with high-quality twin speakers, it offers you plenty of power and control over your sound without any buzzing or loss of sound quality. As a Marshall, it provides you with the crunchy sound tone that you know and love.

This cabinet is designed to work well with almost any amp and to bring out the power that it provides, giving you all of the power and energy that you need when performing. Thanks to the Seventy 80 speakers, which are a take on the classic G12M Greenback speakers, the Marshall MX212A provides a hefty bottom, crisp highs, and fast and robust volume control and handling. This means that it works well with all types of music.

Who Is the Guitar Amplifier Designed for?

This powerful cabinet is designed for anyone who wants to enjoy the classic Marshall tone and change up the sound that they traditionally get from their amp. It’s incredibly easy to set this cabinet up and to connect it to your current amp, which makes it a great option for beginners. While it is a little more expensive than some other options on the market, you are buying from Marshall, which means that you will get quality and durability.

Everyone from beginners to professionals can rely on this cabinet to provide them with the tone that they want and to really bring out the best from their amp. The classic British sound is appealing to artists from many genres, and musicians can rely on the power that this cabinet provides, no matter what notes are being played. This means that this cabinet works well for most musicians who want to improve and update their style.

What’s Included with the MX212A?

Like most cabinets that you can buy, the Marshall MX212A doesn’t ship with any extra accessories. It’s a common misconception that you can use a cabinet by itself, but you must have an amp on hand to use the Marshall MX212A. For this reason, you will want to make sure that you either have a high-quality amp that you love or that you are willing to buy one to be able to use this cabinet.

Thanks to the rugged construction of the Marshall MX212A, you don’t need to worry about protective gear or a case for this cabinet. It can easily be taken with you on the go without you worrying about it being damaged during transit.

Primary Features of the Marshall MX212A

The main thing that musicians love about the Marshall MX212A is the crispy sound that it provides. If you love the British-style amps that update your sound, then the tone of this cabinet is sure to please. It features incredible power handling as well as smooth mids, deep bass, and very bright and colorful highs. Other features include:

  • Twin Celestion Seventy 80 speakers
  • Attractive appearance with black Tolex
  • Eight-ohm cabinet
  • 160 watts
  • Closed back
  • 52 pounds
  • Made from durable MDF

Not only can this great cabinet be used with most Marshall heads, but it can also be used as an extension cab. When combined with a 2 x 12” combo, this will add a ton of flexibility to your setup and give you even more power and control over your sound.

Like most other Marshall cabinets, the Marshall MX212A has a durable and strong cabinet. This is great for anyone who will be taking their cabinet and amp with them to a performance, as the strength and stability of the cabinet help to prevent damage.

Alternatives to the MX212A

Even though the Marshall MX212A is a great cabinet, it may not be for you. If you are worried about the price tag and want something that is a little more affordable but still offers you plenty of power, then you may want to consider the Bugera 1. This features 160 W of power and 12” turbosound speakers for incredible sound quality and volume.

Another great alternative is the Orange V30. This cabinet does come with a higher price tag, but the heavier weight ensures that you never have to deal with buzzing or vibrations when using it. Thanks to that, it’s a great option for musicians who are going to be performing live for large crowds and need power but don’t want to worry about sacrificing their sound quality.

Conclusion – Is the Marshall MX212A A Good Choice for You to Consider?

If you are looking for a cabinet that will let you change the tone of your amp and aren’t interested in overspending, then the Marshall MX212A may be a good choice for you. It’s surprisingly powerful given its size, but that speaks to the quality of components that were used in its construction. Additionally, this cabinet is highly portable and can be used in a combo, which gives users even more control about how to set up their amp and cabinets.

It’s great for practicing in the privacy of your own home but really shines when played on stage where listeners can enjoy the raw power of Marshall and the robust tones that this cabinet provides. Even at this lower price, the Marshall MX212A offers an impressive and massive rock tone that is sure to blow everyone away.

We hope our Marshall MX212A review has been helpful. You might want to check out our list of the best guitar amplifiers to use in church.

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