Mackie Thump18S Review: A Sub-Woofer For Your Low-End Needs


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Our Mackie Thump18s Review

When you want to get the best sound possible out of your speakers, it is important to have access to a good sub-woofer. If you do not have a sub-woofer, then it will be more difficult to have good low-end sound in an efficient way. Having a good sub-woofer is going to make a difference in your overall sound setup. When you care about sound quality and want to make things easy to control, you should look for the best possible option.

It should come as no surprise to hear that there are many sub-woofer options on the market. Some of the most popular ones are actually powered sub-woofers. One such product is the Mackie Thump18S. This powerful product is going to provide you with the best possible sound if you choose to make use of it. It is specifically designed to handle the power of a 1200-Watt amplifier, so you know that it will work for your setup.

It is obvious that this product is very high-end and that it is made to work for professional purposes. The appeal of the product is actually fairly broad due to its precision and ease of use. Even so, you want to know everything that you can about this product before you decide whether or not it is right for you. Take the time to dig into the details of the Mackie Thump18S so that you can figure out if it is the speaker that you need.

Who Does This Sub-Woofer Appeal To?

The appeal of this speaker is actually going to be quite vast. This is a high-quality speaker that has the power and precision that true professionals need. If you are a musician who plays in a band, then you will absolutely love this sub-woofer. It works excellently with a loudspeaker that has a lot of power.

Owning a sub-woofer that is built to handle a 1,200-Watt loudspeaker will certainly work out nicely. When you need to be able to go really loud for a performance, you will know that you will be able to do so with ease. You can get the loud sound that you want, while still being able to keep things sound clear. The overall clarity of your sound will be exceptional when you’re using this speaker.

DJ’s might also be interested in a sub-woofer with this much power. If you are planning on pumping out music that is loud and has a lot of bass, then a speaker like this is perfect. It will definitely help you to make your live performances sound fantastic. This can be great for playing thumping house music at a club, too.

Even churches might find a good use for this type of speaker. It is going to be excellent for anyone who is looking for something to house loudspeakers. Churches often use speakers that are very powerful for their praise and worship music. If you would like to have the best experience possible for your church, then owning one of these will prove to be beneficial.

What Inside the Box?

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You will only be getting the speaker when you purchase this product. It is possible that you may want to buy a subwoofer attachment as an extra. Just know this ahead of time so that you can plan to buy whatever it is that you need. You will have everything that you need to get this hooked up with your loudspeaker right out of the box, though.

The Features Of The Thump 18s

The features of this speaker are actually very impressive. Of course, this is a powered sub-woofer that is meant to work with a 1200-Watt loudspeaker. This means that it has the power that you need to help you achieve a robust sound. It is going to be very popular for musicians and will be useful for many other professionals, too.

One of the best parts of this speaker is that it is made to be incredibly sturdy. This is a subwoofer that has an all-wood construction. It is truly built to last and will stand the test of time for you. It makes it a great speaker to take on the road since it is going to be able to withstand a bit of punishment without having any problems.

When you purchase this speaker, you can expect to enjoy 1200-Watts of low-end sound that can fill the room with ease. It has been designed with a professional band-pass system that allows for maximum output. The precision crossover of 140 Hz allows it to be used with all of the top boxes. To add to this, internal tuning filters are going to give you the most accurate bass response every single time.

You will also find that dual XLR inputs allow you to use both mono and stereo applications. Other important features include the user-adjustable level and polarity controls. You will be able to get incredible sound out of this sub-woofer. If you want a speaker that can offer you professional-grade quality, then this one fits the bill.

An Alternative to Consider

Those who are looking for an alternative to the Mackie Thump18S will likely be interested in the Yamaha DXR15 powered speaker cabinet. This is another really good product that can house your speakers and help you to achieve superb sound quality. It is actually very comparable to the Mackie Thump18S and might even be better in a few areas. It is slightly more expensive, though, so it will be up to you to decide which is the better option for your needs.

Conclusion  – Is The Mackie Thump 18s The Right Sub-Woofer For You?

The Mackie Thump18S is an incredible speaker cabinet that will work well for your needs. When you need a sub-woofer that is going to offer you robust features, you will be able to turn to this product with full confidence that your needs will be met. It offers you all of the important features that you need, and it sounds fantastic. This product is going to stand up to regular use, too, and it is truly built like a tank.

Whatever your needs for a speaker cabinet are, you will like using this product. If you need to play loud music like a professional, then this will work out nicely. Simply buy the Mackie Thump18S, and your sound will be better than ever. It is a good value overall, and you will be able to use it for many different events.

We hope our Mackie Thump18S review has been helpful. You might want to check out our list of the best speakers for church.



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