Mackie Mix12FX Review

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Our Mackie Mix12FX Review

If you’re looking for a portable mixer to use in your home studio or on the road, but don’t want to pay thousands of dollars for it, then Mackie’s Mix12FX is the answer. 

The Mackie Mix12FX offers clean and precise sound quality that will rival mixers 3 times its price. It also features high headroom which means that it can handle even the loudest signals without clipping or distorting your audio signal. That makes this mixer perfect if you’re recording instruments like electric guitars and drums. 

With 12-channels, 4 XLR/TRS combo inputs (with phantom power), 3 band EQs with sweepable mids (for creating vocal effects) and low cut filters for removing unwanted frequencies from tracks; this mixer has everything you need to create professional sounding mixes at home or on the go!

We hope that after reading our Mackie Mix12FX review you will know if this is the right mixer for you.

What is the Mackie Mix12FX?

Lightweight but durable, the Mackie Mix12FX is a 12-channel mixer with no-frills functionality. From its sleek, low profile chassis to its four studio quality preamps and powerful tone controls, this compact mixer will provide any church or business owner just enough channels for expansive sound recording.

The Mackie Mix12FX features clean tones that focus on balancing your mix down to the finest detail with harmonic freshness and natural frequency response levels. With constant monitoring of input overloads and level indicators, you know you’re getting true professional production results no matter what the project calls for – from wedding receptions to holiday parties or your own live worship event.

Top benefits of the Mackie Mix12FX

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