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Our Mackie Freeplay Review

Anytime you are going to be speaking or performing in front of a group of people, you want to make sure that you have the best audio equipment possible. For people to be able to hear you clearly and without any feedback or static, it’s important that you invest in the right equipment for the job, and this very often means purchasing a high-quality PA system. These make it easy for you to ensure that everyone can hear you clearly and that your sound will carry over and through a crowd.

After a quick search for a personal PA system, it is normal to feel overwhelmed, especially because there are so many different options available for you to buy. To ensure that you sound professional, you will want to opt for something that is made out of professional materials and is high quality and built to last. In this case, you will want to strongly consider the Mackie Freeplay. This is a great personal PA system that is light enough to go with you anywhere that you want to perform or speak but still offers incredible power that rivals larger and more expensive options.

Before buying any personal PA system, you need to educate yourself as to what kind of product you need and all of the benefits, features, and specs of the one you’re considering. This will make it a lot easier for you to be sure that you get the right option for your needs and will help you learn some real-life applications of the personal PA system. To learn more about the Mackie Freeplay and to see if it may be right for you, keep on reading.

Who Does This Personal PA System Appeal to?

Most people who will be interested in the Mackie Freeplay are musicians. These professionals know that having the right equipment is important if they want to make sure that everyone can easily hear their music. A personal PA system such as the Mackie Freeplay is portable, powerful, and can easily be set up both in indoor and outdoor locations so that music can be heard for farther distances.

While musicians may comprise the majority of people who are interested in this personal PA system, any public speakers should also consider whether or not it will meet their needs. Speakers, whether they are simply doing performance art in the park, speaking at a town meeting, or acting on a stage, need to have the best sound equipment possible. It can be hard to hear a person when they speak if the wrong equipment is used, but the Mackie Freeplay will ensure clear sound and the ability for all listeners to easily hear what is being said.

In a church setting, a personal PA system is beneficial not only if someone is going to get up and sing for the rest of the congregation, but at an outdoor picnic, or even during a sermon if the church is particularly full. Having a personal PA system to backup larger systems in the church is a good idea in case the larger system should fail unexpectedly. Home users can enjoy this product when hosting a party or listening to music.

What’s in the Box?

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Buyers shouldn’t expect a lot of extras when they opt for the Mackie Freeplay, as there aren’t many accessories that can be used with a personal PA system. When shipped, the box will have the piece of equipment, as well as the charging cord. One additional item that ships with the Freeplay is an adapter. This can be used to mount the Mackie Freeplay on a microphone stand, which isn’t included.

The Features Of The Freeplay

This is an impressive personal PA system that is packed with features that make it not only easy to use but also fun. One great feature is the Freeplay app that allows wireless control via a smartphone. This makes it easy to adjust the sound quality and volume from the PA system without having to touch it.

Thanks to the lithium-ion battery that is easily rechargeable, users can enjoy up to 15 hours of operation without stopping. This is much longer than most people need but ensures that the PA system won’t die prematurely.

Users who want to have even more stereo sound or set up a multi-room listening experience will love that they can link another speaker to this one. This results in an incredible sound that is great not only during a performance, a sermon, or a speech but also in a home for listening to music or watching a movie.

Finally, the Mackie Freeplay is durable, with a robust molded enclosure and coated metal grille designed to protect the unit. This ensures that it won’t be damaged when on the road or used outside.

An Alternative to Consider

If you’re not sure that the Mackie Freeplay is the right personal PA system for you, then you need to consider the Bose S1 Pro Multi-Position PA system. While this PA system is a little more expensive, it is also slightly heavier and has a little more power than the Mackie Freeplay. Additionally, it can be tilted when on stage to ensure the best sound quality and features Auto EQ that optimizes the speaker response based on how it is positioned so that you don’t have to worry about that.

Conclusion – Will The Mackie Freeplay Work For You?

Most people can rely on the Mackie Freeplay to provide them with the power and sound quality that they need when performing, speaking, or interacting with a crowd. It offers incredible sound quality thanks to the dual tweeters and high-output woofer. Additionally, because it is so cost effective, it is a great choice for a person, band, or church who is on a budget.

While there are some options on the market that are comparable, it’s difficult to find another personal PA system that is as durable, easy to use, and powerful, without spending a lot more. Being able to quickly and easily connect this to your sound equipment will allow you to ensure that all of your listeners can easily hear you. When you want to improve your sound without stress or effort you really can’t go wrong with the Mackie Freeplay.

We hope our Mackie Freeplay review has helped you. You might want to check out our list of the best speakers for a church sound system.



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