Lumens VC-A52S Review

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Our Lumens VC-A52S Review

The problem with most cameras is that they can’t capture the full experience of a live event.

Concerts, church services, or other live events, are meant to be enjoyed in person, but if you’re not there, then it’s hard to get a true sense of what really happened at the event. 

The Lumens VC-A52S solves this by capturing every moment and detail of an event. With this camera you’ll always have an accurate record of your services or event performances.

We want to help you find the right solution for your needs. That’s why we’ve created this Lumens VC-A52S Review to answer all of your questions about their product. It includes information on what each feature does so you can make an informed decision before purchasing this camera.

What Is The Lumens VC-A52S?

The Lumens VC-A52S compact camera captures live performances. It can be used to document what happens during your performance and has an output format compatible with any display devices.

This camera supports full HD 1080p recording with 60 FPS, has optical zoom of 20x and digital zoom up to 12x, and it can rotate vertically/horizontally for 300°/sec. It can be installed in various locations from horizontal to vertical on the desk or mounted on a wall.

Top Benefits Of The Lumens VC-A52S

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