Live Streaming Accessories For Your Church Video Production

Live streaming your church’s services and sermons can be a great way to expand outreach. This article will explore the different accessories that you’ll need for video production.

Before you go out and set up your live stream, it is a good idea to make sure you have all the live streaming accessories you need.

I know I was faced with the dilemma of how to mount an external microphone to a camcorder that didn’t have a shoe mount on the camera. I searched YouTube for a solution, and one brainiac suggested using two-sided tape. What?

So I had to look harder, and these live stream accessories below are some of the solutions I found to questions like that and others. Hopefully, my time and effort will make your search for answers easier, and the setup of your system it goes without a hitch by what I have found.

Live Streaming Accessories


Unless your camera is going to be parked right next to your multi-media center or computer, you are going to need some wires to run between the camera and the computer.

  • USB Cables
  • HDMI Cables

When you are purchasing the cables for your live stream system make sure to think about any connectors you may need as well.

I do not recommend you go any further than 50 feet with an HDMI cable. Many say not to go over 25 feet. You start to lose the signal after that. Our experience has been that you can get away with 50 feet.


Unless you have a volunteer with a very steady hand, you are going to need a tripod, or a wall mounts to mount your camcorder on.

In making your decision on how to mount your camera, you should take into consideration whether or not it is going to be fixed in one position or if you are going to have a volunteer following you.

Your tripod needs to be high enough for the volunteer to use. Having a 5-foot tripod with a 6’5″ volunteer may not be a good match. You also need to consider whether or not the mechanism will move smoothly or not. Ball mounts are the best for smooth operation and have the least amount of movement noise.

Accessory Shoe Mounts

Many of today’s consumer camcorders do not have what is called shoe mounts. These are mounts placed on the camera to hold accessories like lights and external microphones.

Like I shared with you earlier, when I was trying to figure out how to mount an external microphone on my camcorder, one guy on YouTube suggested two-sided tape.

I didn’t take his advice. 2 sided tape is tacky! (Pun intended)

Here are some mounts you can put on your tripod or wall mount that will give you shoe mounts for your live streaming accessories.

  • Shoe Mounts

I am sure there are many live streaming accessories that I have not listed or discovered. However, I think these will get you set up and running with your church live stream.

I will do a separate article on external microphones since there is much ground to cover for the different types of mics and power supplies etc.

We hope you found this blog post informative and helpful. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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