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Ibanez AX120 Review – A Great Beginner’s Electric Guitar

Ibanez AX120 review featured imageOur Ibanez AX120 Review

Every praise band needs high-quality instruments that are not only easy to use, but also offer great sound when on the stage.

No matter if the praise band at a church is new or has been in existence for a while, choosing instruments that sound great without breaking the bank is important.

It can be really easy to overspend when buying instruments, especially electric guitars.

Churches who need a great guitar that will sound amazing on stage and isn’t too expensive will want to consider the Ibanez AX120.

This attractive guitar is a great option for any church and is affordable enough for new praise bands.

What Is the Ibanez AX120?

Ibanez has a series of AX guitars that are designed for musicians of all levels.

They are perfect for beginners as well as intermediate, advanced, and professional guitarists.

Thanks to their affordable price, they are also highly accessible. The Ibanez AX120 is one guitar in this series.

First released last year, the Ibanez AX120 strive to exceed the standards set by Ibanez, which means that it offers great sound, perfect tone, and control, and is designed to last for years.

Listen to the Ibanez AX120 in action.

Who Is this Guitar Designed for?

The low price of the Ibanez AX120 makes it an affordable option for beginning musicians and for church praise bands with low budgets.

Unlike some other electric guitars that are incredibly expensive, this one is surprisingly affordable. Because it is an Ibanez, musicians won’t have to worry about the quality of their new guitar and whether or not it is built to last.

While beginners will appreciate the low price tag of the Ibanez AX120, even more, advanced or intermediate musicians will be able to coax a great sound from this guitar.

It has decent stock strings that offer a clear sound that isn’t muddled. This is great for new musicians who may not have a lot of control over their instrument yet and want something that will help them enjoy a bright sound without a lot of hassle.

What’s Included?

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Ibanez AX120 CA Candy Apple AX Standard Electric Guitar Bundle w/Bag and...

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A great feature of this Ibanez AX120 is that it ships as part of a bundle, which is very beneficial for new musicians who may not yet have all of the gear that they need to start playing.

Not only will buyers get the guitar itself, but also a cleaning cloth and a soft bag.

The bag is great for storing the instrument, but may not offer all of the protection that musicians want if this is a gigging guitar. For that reason, investing in a hard case is a good idea.

Musicians need to make sure that they have a high-quality amp on hand so that they can really turn up the power and the volume on this instrument.

This will ensure that they can easily be heard over the rest of the band and that everyone in the congregation or in the audience will be able to hear all of the notes that they play.

Additionally, musicians will have to supply the correct cords to power this guitar, which isn’t difficult, as most guitarists have extra cords for this use.

Primary Features of the AX120

The Ibanez AX120 looks great and offers a wonderful sound, as well. Thanks to the solid wood construction of the body, this instrument holds its tone really well and sounds clear and crisp. Other great features include:

  • Two tone control setup, two volume, and three-way toggle switch
  • The double-cutaway body is designed for easy fret and neck control
  • Poplar body is sturdy and produces a clear sound
  • High gloss finish helps the guitar to stand out when on stage
  • Stopbar tailpiece

The classic design of this guitar makes it an attractive option for use in any praise band or regular band. It is sure to stand out and look impressive, no matter where it is played.

The tuners are easy to use and allow musicians to perfectly calibrate their sound.

Thanks to the multiple controls and toggle switch, guitarists can enjoy a lot of different sonic options when playing this instrument, making it easy to enjoy a personalized sound.

Alternatives to the Ibanez AX120

The Ibanez AX120 is really affordable, but some praise bands may need to buy multiple guitars at once, which means that they will have to find something that is a little lower in cost.

The Fender Squier Bullet Stratocaster HSS is a very attractive electric guitar that comes with a slightly lower price tag. This makes it an affordable option for musicians or praise bands needing to purchase more than one instrument at a time.

Musicians who want an Ibanez, but want something with more power and a clearer tone will want to consider the ART120QA. This gorgeous electric guitar features a New Zealand pine fretboard along with a classic elite bridge pickup. Together they create a clear and bright sound that is a little higher quality and sounds fuller and richer than the sound from the Ibanez AX120. This is great for more advanced musicians and for musicians in a skilled praise band.

Conclusion – Is this Guitar Right for You?

As far as affordable electric guitars go, it is hard to beat the Ibanez AX120. This powerful guitar is priced low, but still offers the playability and durability of other higher-priced Ibanez guitars.

This means that musicians who invest in this instrument will enjoy an instrument that is built to last and to provide great sound for years.

Because it offers clear tones and notes, the Ibanez AX120 is great for any musician who wants to blend in with the rest of the praise band or who wants to crank their power and volume and stand out for an impressive solo.

It’s the perfect instrument for beginners, thanks to its versatility, as well as how easy and comfortable it is to hold and play. At under 10 pounds, it’s ideal for musicians who are going to be on stage for a long period of time, as it is light and easy to control.

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