Gift Guide For Pastors – Bless Them With This List Of Gifts

Gift Guide For Pastors
Finding The Right Gift For Your Pastor

Finding the right gift for your pastor can be tough. You want to do something more than just buying a coffee mug, t-shirt, or a book. You want something that conveys how much you appreciate them.

I have been a believer in Jesus since 1979. During those years I have both been a parishioner giving a gift to my pastor, and a pastor receiving such gifts. I hope that this gift guide for pastors will help you, whether you are an individual, a pastoral care committee, a church board, or just a group of people wanting to bless your pastor, this year.

Reasons To Give Your Pastor A Great Gift

I am not going to preach to you in this article. That is not my job. It is your pastor’s job. However I would be remiss not to mention the spiritual reason to give any gift, including to your pastor, is the spiritual discipline of generosity. God generously gave us the free gift of salvation through Jesus showing his heart of love towards us. We, in turn, are to take on that characteristic in our relationships with others.

In the relationship between a church, church members, and a pastor, there are some specific occasions where there are particular opportunities to bless your pastor, minister, clergy member, or priest.

Here are a few.

  • Pastor Appreciation Sunday, or Month
  • When Your Pastor Retires
  • When Your Pastor Is Leaving For Another Assignment
  • Your Pastor’s Birthday
  • During The Christmas Season
  • Moreover, Sometimes “Just Because”

So with that in mind, here are five suggestions that I have that I think would make fantastic gifts for your pastor.

Gift Guide For Pastors

A Smart Pulpit

Well, maybe not smart, but at least geared towards today’s technological age. I don’t know how many times I have had to catch my laptop from falling off a podium because the lip of the podium is too small to keep my laptop from sliding down. This pulpit allows your pastor to put his tablet in the pulpit itself. Take a look.

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This gift can communicate many things. It will show your pastor that you want them to have the latest tools available to minister the gospel. It will show them that you care about helping them do their job easily.

Moreover, it might prevent them from pounding on the pulpit quite so often. (Just kidding.)

This gift will especially resonate with Millennial and Generation X pastors.

A Laptop Tablet Combo

At the time of writing this, I am 55 years old. I am considered a Baby Boomer, but I happen to be a tech nerd. A few years back I discovered laptops that will fold over and become a tablet when you need it to. This changed the way I used technology in my teaching ministry. Not only did I no longer need to print out my sermon notes, but I could control the notes being shown on the big screen.

Now, you might ask why I didn’t just use a tablet. Did I mention I am 55? I have what the eye doctor calls old eyes. I struggle reading small screens. So when I could turn my laptop into a tablet, I still had a large screen.

Please take a look at what I am talking about. I think you will get the idea why this would make a great gift for your pastor.

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2018 Dell Inspiron 13 5000 2-in-1 13.3 inch Full HD Touchscreen Backlit...

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I have had Acer, Asus, HP and Dell laptops over the years. I use them very hard between being in full-time ministry and owning three websites. Of all the laptops available, the Dell Inspiron is my favorite. The warranty and the customer service has been better in my experience than all the others, and they seem to last longer.

Getting your pastor, even an older pastor a laptop will communicate that you want to make their job easier. It will communicate that you want them to have the best tools available for their job. Much better than a coffee mug!

Don’t Make Me Use My Pastor’s Voice

When I was searching for unique gifts for pastors, I came across this handy shoulder bag. Now I would prefer a laptop bag. However, I know that the Millennials and Gen X’ers like these shoulder bags. What caught my attention was the caption on the bag. “Don’t make me use my pastor’s voice.” I loved the sense of humor it conveys. Take a look.

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Not only is the bag practical for their commute between their home and the church, but humor shows that you love a person. My children know that I love them because I laugh with them. The same goes for my congregation. When we laugh together, we love together.

This gift is perfect for people who do not have a large budget to spend but still want to communicate their love for their pastor.

A Small Step For Technology, A Giant Leap For Our Church

I have been serving the church as a pastor since 1988. I understand the obstacles faced when a church is transitioning into a different season of its life. Whether it is in the type of music a church sings or the translation of the Bible that they use, or now the introduction of modern technology into the church service, there are many things that churches have to consider before moving forward.

I can understand the emotional attachment certain churches have on the furnishings on their platforms or stages. In many churches with long histories, replacing the pulpit is like replacing Jesus himself. Somebody’s grandfather made the pulpit. Some dear former pastor used to preach from that pulpit, etc.

So maybe your church is not ready to go full tech, but you do want to bless your pastor who is trying to guide you in that direction. Here is a great gift that will bless him without offending half your congregation. Take a look.

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This gift will communicate with your tech-loving pastor that you are willing to move forward, just maybe not as fast as they are moving. It will communicate that you understand the need to be in the 21st century but don’t want to lose what the other centuries have also contributed. This is a great gift for an older congregation with a younger pastor.

Pastor We Love You But…..

Please remember, I am writing to you not only as a pastor but as a parishioner as well. I am, and so is your pastor if they are observant at all, aware that sometimes our jokes, stories, and illustrations leave a lot to be desired. If you pastor could use some help in making their sermons more relevant or they need to be broken up with some humor, then this gift will surely be a blessing to them.

You may not realize that it is tough to come up with fresh material 52 or more times per year. There is a reason that pastors sometimes tell the same jokes over and over. There is a reason you have heard the story about a significant experience in their life so many times that you could repeat it verbatim yourself. Coming up with fresh ideas is not as easy at it looks.

So here is a great gift that will bless not only them but you. Remember what I said earlier. The congregation that laughs together loves together. Check it out.

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The Bible Reader's Joke Book: A collection of over 2,000 jokes, puns,...

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This gift for your pastor will communicate not only that you want to help them in the communication of the gospel, but it will also foster a healthy relationship with them. Humor makes the toughest of conversations more palatable. Plus you might also benefit from having more enjoyable sermons to listen too!

Final Thoughts On Buying Your Pastor A Gift

In the end, the choice is yours. This gift guide for pastors was designed to get your creative juices flowing. Yes, a lot of the gifts I chose were technology orientated. This is a church technology website after all. Moreover, I am a tech geek. However, I do hope that you started to think outside of the traditional box when it comes to giving your pastor a gift.

Just remember this. Everyone is correct that “it is the thought that counts.” However, this is also true. “A gift is more significant when it requires sacrifice.” Think of the gift of God in Jesus. It was the ultimate sacrifice. So as a pastor who is not on your list of people to bless, let me share with you three things to think about as you are deciding what would be a good gift for your minister.

  1. Did it take much thought? Is it clear that people thought about this gift they are giving?
  2. Did it take much time? Did somebody spend much time handmaking this gift or planning it out so that it was a personalized gift?
  3. Did it take sacrifice? Did it stretch people to give this gift?

Those are the types of gifts that mean the most to pastors. Not that they want Leer jets and Mercedes Benz cars. No, they want to be valued.

Moreover, on a final note. I will give you one more suggestion for a gift. It is not fancy, or unique, but it is something I know most pastors would appreciate. Most pastors love reading. They love books.

Moreover, they usually complain that they do not have enough time to read. So why not give them a subscription for audio books. That way every time they are traveling, they can use that time to listen to any book they like.

Take a look.

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Blessing to all of you as you seek to bless your pastor this year.

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