Friedman Small Box Review – Great British Tones in a Compact Size

Our Friedman Small Box Review

Crank up the sound and tonal control of your guitar with a great amp head, and you are sure to set yourself apart from other musicians.

While there are a lot of companies releasing amp heads today, Friedman has been known for years for producing some of the highest quality equipment for musicians.

Famed for producing innovative designs and for meticulous attention to detail, Friedman equipment is considered to be some of the best in the world, and their Small Box amp head is no exception.

What Is the Friedman Small Box?

The Friedman Small Box is an amp head that was designed to make it easier than ever for guitarists to control their sound, clean it up when desired, and enjoy a crunchier tone when they want something a little more gritty.

It is one of 15 amp heads that Friedman offers, and offers perfectly customizable power to every guitarist, even though it only weighs 33 pounds.

It’s a relatively new amp head, released in April of 2016, and features the high-quality craftsmanship that Friedman is known for.

This means that musicians who invest in the Small Box will get all of the power and control that they crave without sacrificing quality.

Who Is this Guitar Amp Designed for?

This 50-watt amp head was made specifically for guitarists who want to combine the modern high gain that Friedman is known for with classic tones of traditional guitars. The small size makes it ideal to take on the road from gig to gig, and because it offers plenty of power, it can easily be heard over the wildest crowd in a large venue.

Not only does this make it a great option for Friday night gigs, but also for a larger church to use in their Sunday morning praise band.

The high price tag of the Friedman Small Box can put it out of reach for some musicians, however, which can be a disappointment for them. It’s a definite investment piece.

However, since it works as easily in the recording studio as it does on the live stage and because it was built to last, it’s easy to see how an investment in the Friedman Small Box is an investment in your future as a musician.

What’s Included?

Friedman Small Box 50W 2-Channel Tube Guitar Amp Head Friedman Small Box 50W 2-Channel Tube Guitar Amp Head
  • Power: 50W (tube)
  • Tubes: three 12AX7 (preamp); two EL34 (power amp)
  • Two footswitchable channels
  • Controls: Bass, middle, treble, presence, three-way bright switch (universal)
  • Two speaker outs
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The Small Box ships with just a power cable, which means that you can start using this equipment right away, but that you may want to invest in additional pedals.

While it offers great sound and tonal control right away, adding pedals to the Friedman Small Box allows for even more control over your sound.

It does a great job with all types of pedals, including overdrives, phasers, boosts, tremolos, flangers, and wahs. This means that musicians who are happy with the Small Box and want to customize their sound, even more, can easily do so.

Primary Features of the Small Box

At just 33 pounds, the Friedman Small Box is perfectly sized for use on the go. It’s easy to pack, carry, and connect, making it a great option for a busy musician who doesn’t want to spend a lot of time on setup. Other great features include:

  • Single button footswitch
  • Three-position bright switch
  • Dual speaker outputs
  • Great for blues, metal, and rock
  • Three-band EQ, as well as a presence control
  • Level control used for mixing or recording
  • Transparent effects loop

Such as other Friedman equipment, the Small Box was built by hand. This means that musicians never have to worry about their equipment not meeting their needs or their expectations.

The impressive tonal palette makes it easy for musicians to tweak their sound and obtain the perfect sound and tone that they want. This also means that this amp head is incredibly responsive and highly sensitive, resulting in great sounds every time it is used.

Thanks to the two separate channels, musicians can create perfect lead tones and an ideal rhythm, helping them stand out in the studio, as well as on the stage.

Alternatives to the Friedman Small Box

The Friedman Small Box has a cult following and for good reason. Guitarists who want the control and versatility that comes with equipment bearing the Friedman name, but can’t afford the price tag of the small box, will want to consider the Runt-20.

This tube head features an internal load box and boost, allowing musicians to push it to the max when performing and recording, but is much more affordable.

Musicians who want more power and have a larger budget may want to consider the Friedman BE-50. This tube head is designed to stop anyone in their tracks, as it is packed with great features and more power than many other amp heads on the market.

It bears the Friedman name, so musicians can rest easy knowing that it will be held to the same high standards as the Small Box.

Conclusion – Will You Be Happy with this Guitar Amp?

The Friedman Small Box is impressive and really stands out from other guitar amplifier heads on the market today not only because of the Friedman name but also because the equipment is so powerful and can be used to easily customize your sound.

Thanks to the impressive control that the Small Box offers musicians, especially skilled ones, it is sure to be a favorite with any advanced or professional musician.

No matter the tone that you crave, the Friedman Small Box can help you deliver. It’s great for clean sounds on Sunday morning, as well as dirtier and more gritty music on Friday nights.

If you have the money for the Small Box and are interested in investing in your future as a musician, then this is one of the best amp heads on the market and is worth consideration.

We hope our Friedman Small Box review has been helpful.