EZVIZ 8 Channel 1080p Review – A Durable and Reliable Surveillance System

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Our EZVIZ 8 Channel 1080P Review

Every church needs to take steps to ensure the safety of their congregants and their buildings both when there are services and during the day and night when the church is closed.

Both small and larger churches need to make sure that they are doing everything in their power to keep their church safe, which is why it’s so important to invest in a high-quality surveillance system.

These systems are designed to provide audio and video surveillance, making it easy for a church security team to keep their eyes on the premises and to help deter crime.

The EZVIZ 8 Channel 1080p is a popular option for many churches, and for good reason.

What Is the EZVIZ 8 Channel 1080p?

EZVIZ has long been known for making high-quality security equipment that is perfect not only for personal use but is also powerful and durable enough to be used by companies.

A brand of Hikvision, which is the world’s top security manufacturer, EZVIZ does a great job making security and surveillance affordable, finally putting the safety of a church in their hands and making it possible for them to keep an eye on their building and grounds.

The EZVIZ 8 Channel 1080p is a powerful surveillance system that includes a wireless kit to make installation and monitoring faster and easier than ever before. It features not only the security hub but also four cameras, with the ability to add up to four more to really increase coverage around the church.

Who Is this Video Monitoring System Designed for?

With incredible WiFi abilities, strobe lights and loud tones to deter criminals, and impressive 1080p video playback, it’s obvious that the EZVIZ 8 Channel 1080p is designed for any user who wants to be able to monitor their surrounds and interact with trespassers, if necessary.

It does much more than simple video monitoring systems because it allows users to communicate with people they see on the screen, which makes it much more welcoming for visitors and can make it easier to deter unwanted guests. Larger churches may struggle with the WiFi range, so it’s important to consider how much space needs to be covered before buying and installing a surveillance system.

Because it’s easy to expand this system with more video cameras, it’s a great option for any church who is experiencing growth. The additional cameras don’t have to be added all at once, which means that they can be added to the system when needed.

This is perfect for included additional security around construction, a new education wing, or newly developed preschool. Thanks to the easy to use app, this unit is fairly simple for most users to control, which gives them confidence and peace of mind about the security and safety of the church. It’s perfect for any busy church who has people constantly coming and going, as it makes it easy to keep an eye on who is on the church grounds.

Check out all you get in this EZVIZ 8 Channel 1080P unboxing video.

What’s Included?

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The EZVIZ 8 Channel 1080p ships with everything that a church needs to set up its new surveillance system and start monitoring their premises. It includes the control hub, as well as five cameras with powerful antennas, allowing churches to monitor a few different areas. Additionally, it’s easy for users to download and use the EZVIZ Studio or EZVIZ app to control the playback and audio on the system, which is necessary since it doesn’t ship with a monitor.

Primary Features of the EZVIZ 8 Channel 1080p

The EZVIZ 8 Channel 1080p is an incredibly powerful and rugged surveillance system that is easy to set up and to control, making it an obvious choice for many churches who need fast security. The fact that it boasts powerful WiFi that can easily penetrate through walls is just one of the pros of this system. Other great features include:

  • Easy access to the app for playback and viewing a live feet
  • Powerful storage to ensure that videos aren’t lost
  • Sounds a 100 dB siren and turns on strobe lights to deter intruders
  • Sends notifications to the app immediately when motion is detected
  • Night vision up to an impressive 98 feet
  • Waterproof and dustproof cameras can be used in any conditions
  • Two-way audio to speak to unwanted visitors or welcome guests

The impressive WiFi range of up to 300 feet in open spaces allows churches to easily monitor most any area in and around their building. Additionally, this secure connection gives churches peace of mind that nobody will try to hack into their cameras.

Alternatives to the EZVIZ 8 Channel 1080p

While the EZVIZ 8 Channel 1080p is a powerful surveillance system and one that meets the needs of many churches, it’s always good to consider alternatives to ensure that you are making the right choice for your church. One great alternative is the SMONET 4Ch 720p HD NVR security surveillance system. This kit is a little more reasonably priced, which is great for churches who have smaller budgets but still offers five wireless WiFi cameras that boost night vision and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Another great alternative is the SMONET all in one wireless security camera system. With a huge 10.1” color monitor, this is a great option for a church who wants a home security hub that users can come to check. It’s easy to install and features 1080p video, as well as an easy remote view for security members to check on the church when they aren’t on the grounds.

Conclusion – Should You Consider This Security Surveillance System?

Even though it is a little more expensive than other similar surveillance systems on the market, the EZVIZ 8 Channel 1080p is a great option for any church who takes their security seriously.

It’s designed to make it easy to not only monitor grounds but also to view playback, which can be imperative if there is a problem during closed hours.

Additionally, this system allows users to communicate with people they see on screen, which is incredibly important when a church is trying to be welcoming.

Not all unexpected visitors to a church are malicious, and when staff is able to communicate with them through the two-way radio, it makes it much easier to ascertain their needs and how the church can help them. This ensures that the church is an inviting and welcoming place and also helps keep the building safe.

We hope our EZVIZ 8 Channel 1080p review has been helpful.


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