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Our Dymo Labelwriter Wireless Review

Being able to label items in an office is key to ensuring that everyone is organized and that items are always placed back in the correct area after they are used.

While some low-tech offices will use masking tape and a marker to label boxes and equipment in storage, using a label maker is a much cleaner and more efficient way to do this.

A great label maker can also be used to print postage, eliminating an employee having to stand in line at the post office for shipping.

Using a great label maker, such as the Dymo Labelwriter Wireless, is the perfect way to ensure that labels are clear and easy to read and that a church can print their stamps and return address labels, name badges, barcodes, and simple informational labels.

What Is the Dymo Labelwriter Wireless?

The Dymo Labelwriter Wireless is a powerful label printer that is designed for wireless printing in an office. It’s able to connect immediately to tablets, PCs, Macs, and smartphones, allowing anyone in a busy church office to be able to quickly print off any labels or postage that they need.

It features powerful computer software that allows users to quickly design what they need to have printed and then send it to the Dymo Labelwriter Wireless.

With more than 60 customizable label layouts, it’s easy for every employee in a church office to print the labels they need.

Even though it is set up to be wireless, the Dymo Labelwriter Wireless can be connected to a computer via USB. This is perfect for offices who experience regular problems with their internet, as they will still be able to print any labels that they need.

Who Is this Label Maker Designed for?

This wireless label printer is designed for use in a busy office. Since it can be used by anyone in the office, it is perfect for use in churches of all sizes. Additionally, it’s not only affordable, but the cost of the consumables is very low, making it a highly competitive option for churches who have a strict budget for the office supplies.

It can easily create labels in many different shapes, sizes, and colors, allowing for great posting abilities, as well as a highly organized office.

The sleek design and small chassis of the Dymo Labelwriter Wireless make a great option in a modern church office.

Since it only weighs 3.1 pounds and has a very small footprint, it’s perfect for smaller or busier offices where it may be difficult to find space for a larger alternative.

Since it offers great WiFi printing, it’s perfect for a church who has taken steps to become wireless, although it does require connection to an outlet for power.

What’s Included?

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The Dymo Labelwriter Wireless ships with a power cord, as well as a USB cord, that can be used as an optional connection to a computer for printing.

Additionally, it is available as a bundle so that churches can have labels shipped with it right away. If a bundle option isn’t available or selected, then the church will need to invest in labels separately or the Dymo Labelwriter Wireless can’t be used.

The software is also included, and it is powerful and intuitive.

Primary Features of the Labelwriter Wireless

The Dymo Labelwriter Wireless has a lot of great features that make it an obvious option for use in many churches, including cable-free printing. Other great features include:

  • Ability to be used with a wide range of Dymo labels
  • Convenient for many different users to print
  • Direct thermal printer means that churches don’t have to buy toner
  • Pre-loaded templates allow for fast and easy creation of labels
  • Serrated edge to tear off labels when they are printed

This impressive label printer is able to handle printing 71 labels per minute, which makes it perfect for a very busy office and for printing off a lot of postage all at once. Additionally, it’s perfect for printing address labels at this speed, as well.

Even though it doesn’t offer a lot of controls on the unit itself, the powerful software that is included with the Dymo Labelwriter Wireless makes this a powerful option that is easy to use. It is a great way to save money on printing costs, especially since the required materials are offered at a low price point.

Alternatives to the Dymo Labelwriter Wireless

The Dymo Labelwriter Wireless is a great option for a lot of churches, but the Brother QL-810W is a good alternative that is worth considering. Even though it is similarly priced, it does come with a few additional features that some churches will prefer, such as an automatic cutter, which is perfect for removing newly printed labels from the device, as well as the ability to use a battery instead of having to keep the equipment plugged in at all times.

The Rollo Label Printer is another great option to consider. It is a commercial grade label printer that is incredibly high speed and can print labels from 1.57-4.1” wide with no height restriction, which is great for churches who need to print bulk mailing labels, larger shipping labels, and larger ID labels. This larger printing size is one thing that helps to justify the slightly higher price.

Conclusion – Should You Consider this Label Maker?

A great label maker has many different uses in a church office, and the Dymo Labelwriter Wireless is one of the best label makers currently on the market. Dymo is known for producing high-quality equipment, and the Dymo Labelwriter Wireless won’t just print labels quickly, but it also functions reliably without problems.

Because the Dymo Labelwriter Wireless can print so many labels in a short period of time, it is a great option for both smaller and larger churches.

Most churches, even with a large staff, can rely on this equipment to provide them with the printing that they need. From stamps and return address labels to name badges, barcodes, and simple informational labels for storage, the Dymo Labelwriter Wireless is a powerful option at a great price that most churches will love.

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