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Top 5 Church Live Streaming Services Available Today

The Best Church Live Streaming Platforms You Can Use For Your Church

church streaming services featured imageOver 2 years ago I got the bright idea that our church should live stream church. Little did I know that the end result would be advantageous for our church service, but would give birth to this website.

Recently we published a case study on how live streaming affects church growth. You might be surprised at the results. Suffice it to say, live video streaming is as important today as having a church website was 10 years ago. 

If you are like I was, you are probably confused and needing information concerning which direction you should go with starting a live video stream and which live streaming service would be best for you.

So I thought it would be helpful to give you 5 live streaming services to consider along with the special offer I have worked out for churches who want to offer a live stream of their live church services for viewers to watch in real time. 

You see, I know pastors and ministries. They need something easy, something that doesn’t take a lot of volunteers on Sunday, and something reasonably priced and of sufficient quality. 

I think I have came up with that solution for your Sunday Streams.

#1 The Easiest Live Streaming Service

Easy Church Tech has teamed up with StreamSpot to provide you with the best live streaming service that accomplishes 4 things.

  1. The simplest live streaming video solution that can be set up by a pastor and not a technician.
  2. A live streaming solution that doesn’t require a lot of volunteers. In fact, one that would allow you to set up your camera, and schedule your live stream, and not use another precious volunteer you might need for something else on Sunday.
  3. A reasonably priced solution. I can’t say a free or cheap solution because that is impossible when making it simple and volunteer free. However, it is reasonably priced. And you don’t have to buy a computer, live streaming software, and train a volunteer. This saves you money! Plus they have excellent customer support.
  4. It had to be faith-based. In today’s anti-Christian climate from the tech giants, I wanted to make sure that your live streams will be honored and not censored so the company had to be a faith-based company and not a Silicon Valley Tech Corporation.
I also wanted to provide something that would be expandable and include mobile apps and the ability to be used as an online video campus.
Well I believe, I have accomplished my goal. Introducing Easy Church Live Streaming. Just watch the video to see all of it’s great features.



  • It is plug and play
  • Easy scheduling
  • No volunteer needed. Set your schedule and forget it.
  • Over 16,000 hours of viewing time available.


  • It Is Not Free
  • Wait For Equipment To Arrive In Mail

Easy Church Tech’s own live streaming answer partnering with Streamspot to bring you the simplest solution on the market.

This is by far, the best streaming services available on the internet today. I am proud to be a part of a quality solution.

#2 Livestream By Vimeo

One of the major players in the live streaming church is Livestream. However, recently they were acquired by Vimeo. 

This causes me to have some concerns about the quality of the service and support going forward. Vimeo is one of those big tech firms I was talking about. Not only that, but anytime I have used the service, they have always had a buffering problem and your video starts and stops. Their technical support left me frustrated.

Another issue you need to be aware of is that they will only stream to one service at a time rather than giving you the ability to simultaneously broadcast live in real time to all your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Periscope. You have to buy extra products in order to stream simultaneously.

However, they do have a lot to offer on their platform as you can see in this video.


  • Reasonably Priced
  • Good Analytics
  • Video Archiving Platform


  • Not Faith Based
  • Single Stream Capability
  • Limited Social Media

Vimeo Livestream offers event owners a complete set of hardware and software tools to share their live video streaming.

#3 DaCast

Like Livestream, DaCast has been in the live streaming services industry for a long time. They are also based in Silicon Valley, with their headquarters in San Francisco.

The same reservations I have about Vimeo, I also have about DaCast. Silicon Valley has become very intolerant of Christian content. I know, I pastored there for 5 years. I speak from experience.

But once again, that is one of my concerns, you may not have the same concerns.

Something you should be concerned with is the limits that they place on viewing hours. These are the hours that people spend watching your videos online.

Their basic plan gives you only 300 hours and their premium plan is 6,000 hours. This is different than all the other live streaming services out there.

However, depending on your need, this might be the right streaming service for you if you are just getting started or don’t plan on your live stream to grow beyond 300 hours.

Take a look.


  • Inexpensive Entry Point.
  • Video Analytics
  • Mobile Device Support


  • Not Faith Based
  • Not Plug N Play
  • Very Limited Viewing Hour Limit

Enjoy an integrated set of professional broadcasting features to manage, monetize and analyze your online video in a do-it-yourself environment.

#4 WireCast

Wirecast is owned by Telestream. The Wirecast service is just a part of a larger array of video services. They offer video hosting, desktop video applicatons, closed captioning, and much more.

As much as I am attracted to a larger company, I see this company less focused on providing a church live streaming platform than they are in providing video services. This makes me wonder how much effort they will put into customer support.

Not only that, but their platform lacks in social media incorporation like Facebook Live Periscope which is owned by Twitter, and YouTube live for real time viewing online, archiving your live streams for people to watch later, and the ability to embed your live streams of your Sunday service on your own website. All of these things come at an extra cost.

However, there are a lot of people that like to use Wirecast, and in this video you can at least understand why it is considered one of the best live streaming services online. 


  • Reasonably Priced Per Year
  • Good Support
  • Other Video Production Options


  • Not Faith Based
  • Embeds Extra
  • Social Media Extra
  • Archiving Extra

Easily stream and produce professional video. Turn your laptop or computer into a television studio with Wirecast—the most popular award-winning video production software for Mac and Windows. 


ChurchStreaming.TV is one of the live streaming solutions that explicitly caters to churches. I tried to find out if they were a faith-based company but they did not have information available on their website.

What they offer is very similar to what we offer at Easy Church Tech, but it is at a higher price point and you still have to use a 3rd party video encoder or a software program on a computer which makes the costs higher.

The good thing about them is that they offer all the embedding, social media configurations, and support that you need to stream your live event or Sunday church service online.

Just take a look at what they have to offer.



  • Video Archiving
  • Social Media Integration
  • Video Embeds


  • Not Plug N Play
  • Higher Priced

Send your stream to us and we distribute it to your website and many other platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo.

Other Streaming Services

Live Streaming Services Comparison Chart

FeatureEasy ChurchDaCastWirecastChurch Streaming TvLivestream
Set Up Support
Live Streaming single stream
Video Archiving Extra Cost
Social Media Integration Extra Cost with limits
Plug N Play
Ad Free
Mobile Device Support
Video Embeds Extra Cost
Price $99.00 Per Mo 16,666 Viewing Hours $19,00 Per Mo 300 Viewing Hours $125.00 Per Month 6,000 Viewing Hours $699.00 Per Year $139.00 Per Mo $75.00 Per Month

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