Canon PIXMA TS8220 Review – A Great Printer For Small Church Offices

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Our Canon PIXMA TS8220 Review

Smaller churches and church leaders such as pastors, youth pastors, children’s pastors or volunteers will sometimes need a printer for smaller print jobs. It might be weekly bulletins of 20 – 50 copies, church calendars, flyers, or any number of projects that don’t need a big printer to pull off.

Canon U.S.A., Inc. is a leading provider of consumer, business-to-business, and industrial digital imaging solutions to the United States and to Latin America and the Caribbean markets. They were founded in 1955 and have a stellar reputation for providing great equipment.

So we decided to review the Canon PIXMA TS8220 to see if it would meet the needs of a small church or church leaders who needed a budget printer to use for their small print jobs.

What Is The Canon PIXMA TS8220?

The Canon PIXMA TS8220 is a budget-friendly printer designed to produce great graphic reproduction. It is a 3-in1 printer which means that it prints, scans, and copies. It is also what is called a small-footprint printer. It will fit almost anywhere when you have limited space.

Released a little over a year ago, the Canon PIXMA TS8220 is an upgraded version of the TS8200 series and comes in 3 colors. Black, white, and a red color that in my opinion looks awful. Red is better suited for a teenager than in an office.

It has a modern, sleek design that won’t attract attention to itself. Overall, except for the red color, this printer will look great in any church office or workspace.

Who Is This Printer Designed For?

The Canon PIXMA TS8220 is designed for the limited-use consumer. This would include small home or business offices, amateur photographers, graphic designers, etc. It is not designed for large print jobs.

What really stands out about this printer is the quality of the color image printing. It shines when it comes to printing images, photographs, graphic designs. If you print a lot of black and white documents, then this printer is overkill for you. You would be better served with a faster printer that is not as detail orientated.

If your church prints its own bulletins, calendars, or flyers, then this printer will give you great graphics and images.

Just take a look at all the cool things you can do with this printer.

What’s Included?

Canon TS8220 Wireless All in One Photo Printer Canon TS8220 Wireless All in One Photo Printer
  • Quickly print detailed documents with sharp black text and stunning photographs with the 6-Color Individual Ink System. With the PIXMA TS8220 all your everyday prints will always look great.
  • Print documents and photos using AirPrint, Mopria Print Service, Bluetooth, and the Cloud. Print with IFTTT (IF This Then That) support and use web services/applications to automate printing.
  • The PIXMA TS8220 wireless printer is the All-In-One that fits perfectly anywhere in the home with its sleek design, is simple to use, and delivers outstanding quality results every time.
  • Save 10% on all ink reorders with Dash Replenishment; Upon activation your printer measures ink levels and places smart reorders when you are running low; No subscription fees; Cancel anytime

If you buy from Amazon, we earn a very small commission at no charge to you.

When you open the box you will get.

  • The PIXMA TS8220 Wireless Inkjet All-In-One Printer
  • The Multi-Purpose Tray
  • 4″ x 6″ Photo Paper Sample Pack (3 sheets)
  • A Setup CD
  • A Set of Standard Ink Tanks
  • 1 Power Cord

Notable Features Of The Canon PIXMA TS8220

As I have mentioned earlier, by far the greatest feature of the Canon PIXMA TS8220 is its ability to reproduce quality graphic images. Whether they are graphic designs, high-quality pictures, or other detail-orientated images, this printer excels at this type of printing.

However, that is not all that this printer offers. Here are some of the best features of this printer.

  • Bluetooth connectivity for smartphones and tablets
  • Compatible with the Apple Airprint, Canon, and Mopria apps.
  • 6 individual ink color cartridges for detailed printing
  • Amazon Alexa compatible.
  • 2 paper feeding options
  • Built-in WiFi
  • 4.3 inch LCD touchscreen
  • SD data storage card reader
  • Ability to print disks

The Canon PIXMA TS8220 has many great features. One of the ones I personally like is the ability to not only print photos, documents, and graphic arts, but it is able to print on your compact disks.

This will help your CD or video ministry if you are a pastor or church leader. It has an adapter tray to place your CD into and it will print right onto printable CDs

. It also is compatible with the popular Apple, and Windows apps so that you can use it with your smartphone or tablet device. This makes it easy if you are printing out photos of your latest youth outreach or church potluck to display on the church bulletin board.

It is also Alexa compatible for those of you that like Amazon Alexa. Personally I like the technology but I do not like the information using one of these devices gives to the parent company. However, this could be a useful feature for some of you.

It has a flatbed scanner if you need to scan photos or documents and print them out. If you need to scan important documents to your computer this can be a helpful feature. You can also make copies of already printed documents or photos. However, I have found that the quality of copies is less than if you just print from original files.

Probably the most unique feature is the 6 color ink cartridge system that they use to make sure you have high-quality color prints. They use 4 colors, plus a grey cartridge and a black cartridge.

The ink use for high-quality prints can be excessive however if you pay attention to your printer settings and only use the highest setting for really important prints and use the draft setting for black and white you can lower the ink used.

Canon PIXMA TS8220 Alternatives

For just a little bit more, you can get the latest upgrade to the Canon Pixma series with the Canon PIXMA TS8320. This printer will give you the same quality as the TS8220 but is also enabled with Amazon Dash ink replacement service so that you never run out of ink.

Or if you want a printer that will handle a little more load and will have less expensive ink costs you can go with the Canon PIXMA G7020. This printer has more printing capacity and comes with the new supertank technology that lets you fill your own ink tanks rather than buying expensive cartridges every month or two.

Conclusion – Is This The Right Printer For You?

That question can only be answered by you. This printer has a lot of happy customers who love it. However, if you do not do a lot of detailed images or graphic printing, you might be happier with a different style of printer. This printer really shines in its details with images and graphics.

This printer does well for a small office or personal use. If you are planning on using it to be the main printer for your church, unless you have a small church that doesn’t do a lot of printing, you should probably go for a larger printer.

I hope our Canon PIXMA TS8220 review has been helpful. You might be interested in our list of the best printers for use in a church.

Read all the customer reviews on Amazon.

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