Bugera 112TS Review – A Versatile and Portable Speaker Cab


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Our Bugera 112TS Review

Every guitarist and bassist knows that to be heard during gigs, practice, or recording that they need to have a loud, powerful, and sensitive speaker cab.

A great amp cabinet is going to be durable, portable, and give musicians the power that they need to be heard by the crowd.

While there are a lot of different companies producing speakers, when a musician wants one that will be held to a high standard, then they need to consider Bugera.

Known for making their own speakers in house and then using them for their cabs, Bugera goes above and beyond on all of the equipment that they make, and their 112TS is no exception.

What Is the Bugera 112TS?

The Bugera 112TS is designed to be classically styled and to be incredibly portable, which is obvious given its size and impressively low weight of under 30 pounds.

Even though it is small, it is known for being very mighty and powerful, thanks to the 12” turbosound speaker included in its construction. Additionally, it’s incredibly sensitive and creates a vibrant and rich sound that explodes off the stage.

First released more than five years ago, the Bugera 112TS has continued to be a popular option for musicians who are in the market for a reliable, affordable, and portable cab.

Even though it hasn’t undergone any changes and is one of the smaller pieces of Bugera equipment on the market, it is known for its power and control and for offering exceptional sound quality during any performance.

Who Is this Speaker Cabinet Designed for?

It’s obvious that Bugera took time and made the effort to design the 112TS to be able to stand up to life on the road without being damaged.

Thanks to the durable chassis and reinforced corners, the 112TS is durable, hardy, and incredibly difficult to damage. This means that this powerful cab is perfect to be used in a studio or for practice, but is also designed to withstand the rigors of touring and being taken back and forth to shows without wearing out or getting beaten up.

The lower price of the Bugera 112TS places it well within reach of newer musicians, which is great for guitarists and bassists looking for power and control without breaking the bank.

Some more advanced musicians may find that it doesn’t offer all of the power that they want, but since it can be stacked, there is a way to work around this problem. Others may think that it simply isn’t powerful enough for their needs.

What’s Included?

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BUGERA 1 Guitar Amplifier Cabinet Black 112TS

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Just like most cabinets that you can buy, the Bugera 112TS ships alone. Musicians need to have on hand any cords or cables they need to connect their guitar amplifier to the 112TS. One great feature of the 112TS is that because it is so durable it doesn’t need any protective covering or case, which saves musicians a lot of money.

Additionally, the Bugera 112TS can be paired, so musicians who want even more control over their sound will want to consider whether or not they need to invest in a second cabinet for more power and sound. This can raise the cost of their setup, but since the Bugera 112TS is so affordable, this is a great consideration.

Primary Features of the 112TS

The Bugera 112TS boasts a lot of different features that help to not only set it apart from other options on the market but make it a powerful and shockingly affordable option for musicians to consider. One of the most impressive features is that it offers 80 watts of power capacity with incredibly high sensitivity, ensuring that the musician using it is easily heard. Other great features include:

  • Dual ¼” TS connectors
  • Stereo/mono switch
  • Handle that’s designed to be stylish and easy to hold and carry
  • Reinforced corners to ensure that it isn’t damaged in transit
  • Protective vinyl covering
  • Low-vibration cabinet to remove any buzzing sounds in lower notes

Thanks to the ¼” TS connectors, musicians can easily add another speaker cabinet to the Bugera 112TS, creating a full stack that is massively powerful and easy to control. This gives musicians a lot of control over their sound and the power that they need.

The Bugera 112TS features a sealed-enclosure design that produces an incredible tone. The hardwood soundboard is designed specifically to support the tone and provide pristine clarity, deep and growling lows, and crisp highs.

Alternatives to the Bugera 112TS

Even though the Bugera 112TS is affordable enough for most musicians to purchase it, some musicians who have an extremely small budget may want to consider the VOX BC108. VOX is known for producing incredible equipment, and this amplifier cabinet offers parallel speaker jacks and pairs perfectly with the mV50 for great sound quality and impressive flexibility.

Musicians who were hoping for a slightly different sound from their equipment will want to consider the Orange Amps PPC112C. It comes with a higher price tag, but Orange Amps are known for having a unique sound, as well as for being exceptionally reliable. This means that these amps are great for everyday use and practice, as well as for larger shows when a musician really wants to show off.

Conclusion – Is this Speaker Cabinet Worth Consideration?

The Bugera 112TS is powerful, easy to control, and offers clear and bright high notes and deep, rumbling low notes, which means that any musician using this equipment will enjoy a full range that sounds amazing.

Not only that, but it is incredibly portable, making it easy to take on the road or simply to move off of the stage and back into storage when the performance is over.

Any musician or church praise band looking for a powerful speaker cabinet that is easy to use, affordable, and offers great sound control will want to consider the Bugera 112TS.

It’s designed to provide excellent sound quality in most any venue, although it may struggle to fill some larger venues with full and rich sound. Because it’s so affordable and reliable, most musicians can’t go wrong with this purchase.

We hope our Bugera 112TS review has been helpful. You might want to check out our list of the best guitar amps.



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