Blackstar ID260 Review – A Powerful Programmable Combo Guitar Amp

Blackstar ID260 review featured imageOur Blackstar ID260 Review

When a group of ex-Marshall employees founded a company to produce effects units and amplifiers, it was obvious that they knew what they were doing. Blackstar is known for producing powerful equipment for musicians that are flexible, musician-friendly, and durable.

The ID260 is no exception and is a much-loved programmable guitar combo amp with incredible power. When you use this amp, you will rely on decades of experience by the professionals at Blackstar and will enjoy equipment that is designed specifically to meet your needs.

What Is the Blackstar ID260?

The Blackstar ID260 is a powerful programmable guitar combo amp that is a member of Blackstar’s ID: Series. This is a group of digital programmable amps that are packed with incredible features. They have powerful digital preamps, ISF, and Emulated output. Additionally, they have 128 storage banks that make it really easy and fast for musicians to store their settings for performances, practicing, and recording sessions.

This amp features Blackstar’s True Valve Power and offers six different valve responses. When musicians engage this feature they will enjoy incredible dynamics, response, break-ups, and sag that they have come to know and love from valve amps.

Who Is This Guitar Amplifier Designed for?

This amp goes above and beyond simply allowing you to make sure that you are heard when you are performing. It’s perfect for any musician who wants to have complete control over their sound and is interested in being able to adjust and to tweak it to enjoy the most personal sound possible. This means that while it can be easily enjoyed by a beginning musician, it is much better suited for more advanced musicians who have experience with powerful amps and will know how to make the most out of all of the features on this powerful piece of equipment.

This amp is great for practice, but due to the incredible features that it possesses, it really shines when it is used on stage for live performances. It’s perfect for any musician who wants to have multiple settings that they can switch between during a set, without having to stop and make lengthy adjustments to their equipment. Thanks to the effects included on this amp, personalizing sound and tone are easier than ever.

What’s Included?

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Blackstar ID260 Stereo Programmable Combo with Effects, 2 x 60W

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Even though the Blackstar ID260 is loaded with incredible features, it doesn’t come with extra accessories. This is normal when you by an amplifier, but it does mean that you need to make sure that you have all of the cables on hand to connect your instruments to the amp. The lighter weight of the Blackstar ID260 means that you won’t have to worry about having a dolly on hand to move it, as one or two people can easily lift and carry it.

Primary Features of the Blackstar ID260

The Blackstar ID260 is loaded with incredible features that make it a one-of-a-kind piece of equipment. The patented ISF control on this amp allows you to create almost any tone with your instrument. You can easily adjust the response of the tone stack, which allows you to shape your tone and match the sound that you would enjoy from a different type of amplifier, allowing you to recreate the tone of British and classic American amps easily. Other great features include:

  • 2 x 12” speakers
  • 60W amplifiers
  • Six channels to choose from
  • Built-in tuner and digital effects
  • USB connectivity
  • Infinite Shape Feature
  • True Valve Power
  • 12 stereo effects
  • MP3/line input
  • Speaker emulated output

The six channels in the Blackstar ID260 provide incredible tonal flexibility. These channels include OD 1, OD 2, clean warm, crunch, clean bright, and super crunch. Unlike other equipment that only offers two channels to choose from, the sonic abilities of the Blackstar ID260 are sure to impress any musician. Once you have discovered the perfect tone for your song, simply save it in one of the 128 storage sounds, or tweak it on your computer via the USB interface.

In addition to the six channels on the Blackstar ID260, it also offers multi-effects that can be adjusted and used with your songs. Reverb, modulation, and delay effects can all be stored as well, making it easy to enjoy the perfect settings every time you play.

Finally, the speaker emulated output allows you to play straight to a disk or tape, which means that you can easily record with this equipment without needing any extra pieces or parts.

Alternatives to the ID260

The Marshall CODE 100W is a great alternative to consider if you love the power of the Blackstar ID260 but not the price tag. With 14 digital preamp models and four digital power amp models, you can easily adjust and personalize your sound with this powerful piece of equipment.

Another amazing alternative is the Blackstar IDCORE40V2. It is very easy on the budget, but still offers programmable and enhanced features such as the Blackstar ID260. With 12 super wide stereo effects to choose from, as well as six enhanced voices, it offers an incredible amount of control at a much more affordable price, which is why it’s worth considering.

Conclusion – Will You Want to Give the Blackstar ID260 a Closer Look?

This is an incredibly powerful and sophisticated piece of equipment and is designed to help intermediate, advanced, and professional musicians update their sound and create unique music every time they play. If you are ready to take control of your sound and want equipment designed to do just that, then the Blackstar ID260 is a great option to consider.

While it may be a little advanced for some musicians, it’s a great option for a church who wants to enjoy great praise band music. This powerful amp will allow the praise band to work together to create custom and unique songs that sound bright and updated, ensuring the best sound possible every time they play. It’s an investment, but one that can be used for years and has multiple uses and benefits, making it a great choice for churches anywhere who have room in their budget.

We hope our Blackstar ID260 review has been helpful. You might want to check out our list of the best guitar amplifiers for church settings.

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