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In our age of digital technology, not everyone can appreciate things that are “old school.” One of those things is preaching from behind the pulpit, yet there are a lot of people who love that their pastor still stands behind the pulpit to deliver God’s word to them.

To them, they don’t have to be the “hipster” pastor that walks around the stage. They like it that they are pronouncing God’s word from their traditional pulpit.

Image of a pastor speaking behind a pulpitWith that in mind, finding the best pulpit mic, is something that ​is not talked about or written about very often. Pulpit mics, often called podium mics or lectern mics have their own features and benefits. I will try to go over those features and benefits and make this, like all my articles, easy for you to choose which is the best for your church.

The purpose of Easy Church Tech is to provide options for pastors and church leaders as they are searching out what is the best technology options for their church. The links I provide to products are Amazon links. I have chosen Amazon because they have proven themselves to be a reliable way to purchase products and save hours in the time spent shopping.

I think it is a better use of my time to take 15 minutes to order something and have it show up on my door 2 days later, than it is to spend hours shopping when I could be studying, praying, or visiting church members.

So with that said, let’s take a look at the pulpit microphones that I am recommending. For those of you that are just looking to replace an existing microphone, then here is a list of the products. ​For those of you that want to do more research, I will go into greater depth below.

​The Best Pulpit Mic For Your Church

Benefits Of Using A Pulpit Microphone

Many people forget that there are some real benefits of using a podium microphone. Even though it is the oldest type of microphone that has been used in the church, there are some real world advantages to having one.

For instance, by using a pulpic mic, you do not need to have everyone wired up with a headset or lavalier mic. And you don’t have to drag a vocal mic over to the lectern in order to give the announcements, pray over the offering, or any other speaking role that other people in your church may have. Everyone can use the same microphone.

​It can also be used in funerals and weddings where multiple people may participate in speaking. So there are some real advantages to having a microphone for the pulpit or podium.

If you want a more scholarly or traditional feel to your church services, then the lectern microphone is the way to go.​

Things To Consider When Buying A Microphone For Your Church Podium​

Image of a pulpit with a gooseneck pulpit micWith multiple people using the microphone, you will want a gooseneck microphone. That way the man who is very tall and the lady who is very short can both use the same mic.

You will want to mount the podium mic off center from the speaker. Either at one corner of the pulpit, or at least not directly in front of the speaker. The reason you want to do this is to have the mic offset from the direction the speaker is speaking. You will eliminate the popping sound you get when people pronounce the letters p and t.

You will also want to decide whether or not you want to go wired or wireless. If you go wired, then you will need to take into consideration how to run the microphone cable through the pulpit and eventually to the sound system and mixing board.

You will also want to use a foam wind screen to help with this problem as well, and for that person who feels the need to jam the mic right in front of their mouth.

My Recommendations For Church Lectern Microphones​

You might have notices that I have used the terms pulpit, lectern, and podium interchangeably. I have done this on purpose because although most of us might use the term pulpit, people who are not steeped in church culture, use the other terms as well and I want to make sure they know that we are talking about the same thing.

All of my microphone recommendations will work with any podium, lectern, or pulpit. Here are those recommendations.

Gooseneck Podium Microphones

Countryman M4CP5RF24E ISOMAX 4RF Cardioid Podium Microphone

Price: $329.00

​The Countryman Cardioid Podium Microphone is highly recommended by many church technology publications. It provides a good gain signal before causing feedback in the sound system.

Its vibration isolation system detects and subtracts table thumps, handling noise, and other vibration from the signal, providing full, clean sound without the need for bulky shock mounts. It has an 18″ gooseneck.

For More Information About The Countryman M4CP5RF24E ISOMAX 4RF Cardioid Podium Microphone….

Shure MX418D/S Condenser Microphone

Price: $288.00

The Shure MX418D/S Condenser Microphone For Podiums produces a very natural sound. It has a slightly high end signal with more treble than bass but overall it produces a very good sound especially for preachers.

It has a 18″ gooseneck comparable to the 18″ size of the Countryman. Shure is a highly respected brand in the professional audio market.

For More Information About The Shure MX418D/S Condenser Microphone….


Earthworks FlexMic FM500

Price: $559.00

The Earthworks FlexMic FM500 Cardioid Lectern Microphone is one of the more expensive pulpit mics on the market. It does have a little longer gooseneck at 19″ so if that is something you need then this might be the mic for you.

However most of the tech websites do not rate it as well as some of the other podium mics. It is a little muddy and prone to more feedback than others.

For More Information About The Earthworks FlexMic FM500….


Audio-Technica U857QU Condenser Quick Mount Gooseneck Microphone

Price: $269.00

The Audio-Technica U857QU Condenser Gooseneck Microphone has a good crisp voice quality. It has better low end sound with bass and mid-range coming out good. However it does not do quite as good for higher end sounds.

So it works great for men’s voices but not quite as good for women’s voices. However The Audio Technica is one of the least expensive of the pro-sound pulpit mics.

For More Information About The Audio-Technica U857QU Condenser Gooseneck Microphone….


Wireless Pulpit Mic

I am going to recommend only 1 wireless pulpit mic. I am sure there are more out there, but most of them are not by leaders in the music equipment world. I am going to go with the brand I trust.

Shure MX415/C 15 inch Cardioid Gooseneck Microphone Bundle with SLX4L Wireless Receiver

Price: $1,057.00

​The Shure MX415/C Wireless Gooseneck Microphone Bundle comes with a Shure pulpit microphone with a 15″ gooseneck. Instead of running cables to the sound system, you can transmit the signal wirelessly.

This makes it extremely convenient if you are starting fresh with your sound system reducing cost of installing all the cables. Wireless mics are becoming the industry standard

For More Information About The Shure MX415/C  Gooseneck Microphone Bundle with SLX4L Wireless Receiver….


Pulpit Mic Mounts And Accessories

If you are installing your pulpit mic on a new pulpit or one that has never had a pulpit mic then you are going to need a couple of accessories. You will need a pulpit mic mount, and some cables.

Remember to install the mount a little off of center, and to make the microphone cable connections easy to reach and connect and disconnect.

​Preaching From The Pulpit

While it is not the latest fad, preaching from the pulpit is a long standing tradition. There is something to be said for a pastor that is comfortable in his own skin and doesn’t need to follow the latest fad.

So be a blessing to that pastor and celebrate the way he chooses to present God’s word. Give him the best pulpit mic you can afford to help him accomplish his calling from God.​

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