Best Powered Mixer For Churches

Finding The Best Powered Mixer For Your Church.

The Yamaha EMX5016CF is a powered mixer with 16 inputs and dual built-in digital effects processors. It is an affordable mixing console that provides two 500-watt amplifiers for powering your speakers. We believe that this is the best powered mixer for your church.

Who Should Use the Yamaha EMX5016CF?

The Yamaha EMX5016CF is a top choice for those who need a simple, affordable mixer with powered amplifiers. However, this Yamaha mixer is not for everyone. While it is not the most versatile mixing console, it has several advantages that help make it the best powered mixer.

When you need a mixer that can power your PA system in a church, auditorium, or another medium-sized venue, the EMX5016CF can deliver. The 500-watt output should handle most speaker systems.

The 16 inputs may limit the types of groups that may consider using this mixer. However, if you do not need more than 16 mic or instrument inputs, this Yamaha is a great choice. The 16 inputs and the 4 auxiliary signals sends should provide enough I/O ports for a smaller group when performing live.

The Yamaha EMX5016CF is basically a solid, mixer that offers the sound quality needed for live performances and the preamplifiers needed for powering your speakers.

Yamaha EMX5016CF 16-Input Powered Mixer Yamaha EMX5016CF 16-Input Powered Mixer
  • 16 inputs: up to 12 XLR and 4 stereo
  • Dual built-in digital effect processors
  • 8 mono inputs have built-in, single knob compression
  • 9-band stereo digital graphic EQ
  • Maximizer circuit to enhance stereo output
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What Should You Look for in a Quality Powered Mixer?

When shopping for a mixer, there are quite a few details to consider. However, you should focus on the most important issues, which may include:

  • The number of inputs
  • The wattage of the amplifiers
  • Onboard effects processors
  • Equalizer settings
  • Ease of use and interface

You should first determine the number of vocalists and instruments to decide how many inputs you need. You may also need to consider whether you may eventually need more inputs.

The amplifiers built into the mixer are going to power the speakers. Powered mixers typically list the watts for the built-in amplifiers, helping you decide if they are powerful enough for your needs.

If you use a lot of pedal effects and other live gear, the onboard effects processors may not be as important. However, they are useful for eliminating the need for some of this equipment, helping to make your live setup more portable.

Equalizer settings are important if you expect to fine-tune the sound. Some mixers include multi-band equalizers, while others simply allow you to adjust the high/low frequencies.

You may also want to find a mixer that you can understand. These mixers feature a lot of different knobs, faders, and buttons to learn. The board that you choose should be a layout that makes sense and is easy to grasp, even for beginners.

Why Did We Choose the Yamaha EMX5016CF?

If you are looking for a mixer, you most likely plan on using it for live performances. The Yamaha EMX5016CF is a great choice due to its portability, built-in amplifiers, and ease of use. It is also one of the more affordable mixers that still delivers quality performance.

The amplifiers deliver power to two speakers and two monitors. When performing live, the Yamaha is a great option.

The Yamaha EMX5016CF is also equipped with various outputs on the front panel to allow you to extend the functionality of the mixer to other systems. This is a mixer that can grow with you as you begin to include more instruments or performers.

What We Like and Dislike About This Audio Mixer

One of the main advantages of the Yamaha EMX5016CF mixer is the variety of EQ and FX settings that you get for an analog mixer. These mixers do not always include faders, multi-band digital equalizers, and high-quality digital effect processors. However, these features are included with the Yamaha mixer.

The Yamaha EMX5016CF is also powerful enough to handle two monitors and two speakers, using the four auxiliary sends. While you may need additional outputs in some settings, this is more than adequate, considering the price tag and the number of channels.

The EMX5016CF is easy to operate. This is an analog board with a few digital features, including the EQ and FX settings. However, it does have a straightforward layout and design that is easy to understand after taking a quick look at the instruction manual.

Another strength is the durability of the Yamaha. Yamaha knows how to build a quality piece of equipment, and the EMX5016CF includes a metal chassis. While this is a portable mixer, it is also relatively heavy, which is one of its drawbacks.

Weighing nearly 30 pounds, the Yamaha EMX5016CF is not the easiest portable mixer to transport. It is not too heavy to carry by yourself, but it may be cumbersome if you need to carry it a great distance.

You may also run into an issue with the noise level of the fans. These fans are needed to help keep the mixer from overheating. However, they also quite a little bit of extra noise. While this may not be an issue when a band is playing, it may

Why Should You Buy the Yamaha EMX5016CF?

One of the main strengths of the Yamaha EMX5016CF is its price. This mixer is around the $1000 range, which makes it an economical option for those who need a quality mixer.

It is best suited for live performances, as it contains a limited number of equalizer settings and effects compared to most digital mixers. However, it does deliver exceptional sound when working with decent mics and speakers.

The drawbacks include the weight of the mixer and the noise of the fans. These are minor gripes that do not take away from the sound quality unless you need a very quiet setting.

The bottom line is that the Yamaha EMX5016CF is the best powered mixer. It is a compact, yet slightly heavy mixer with a surprising number of equalizer settings for an analog board. It also offers a streamlined interface with single knob compression on all eight of the microphone inputs.

If you want a mixer that you can continue to use for years to come, the Yamaha EMX5016CF deserves your consideration.