5 Of The Best Live Streaming Microphone Solutions For Your Live Stream

By now you have most of your equipment in place. You have the computer you need, the camcorder, and all the accessories. But how do you get better sound than the internal microphone provides from your camcorder? Here are 3 of the best live streaming microphone solutions I could find.

Even though my church decided to start with the sound from our Canon Vixia, I still did the research on external live streaming microphones. In the course of my research, I became highly impressed with one product on the market. Eventually we will upgrade to this system. But I get ahead of myself. Here are the 3 different solutions you can use.

The Best Live Stream Microphone Solutions For You

Get Your Sound From Your Current Sound Board

Sometimes we get so focused on what we are doing that we forget what we have. You possibly have a great resource for your live stream audio already. You can use an audio out from your soundboard into your line in on your computer.

However there are some drawbacks to this approach. Normally your sound person is mixing the sound to fit the room, not to fit your audio stream. In other words, they are bringing the guitars and piano up so that they mix with the drums which are not miked or if they are, they are at a very low volume. The vocals are then brought up to be louder than the rest of the instruments.

This sounds great in your church or auditorium but it does not sound as good as a live stream feed. Your sound person will have to mix a separate feed for your live stream.

Best Live Stream Mics For Recording A Hall

There are microphones out there that are better than the internal microphones on most camcorders. If you just want a slight quality improvement than these microphones might just do the trick for you. However you will still struggle with ambient noise and it will not be close to professional quality.

That is not a bad thing. It all depends on what you are looking to accomplish. For us, the ambient noise is part of what we want people to hear. We want them to hear people singing, asking questions, and laughing with one another. It is part of our church culture.

Here are a few suggestions for you.

Our Top Live Streaming Microphone Picks

Editors Choice Award – The Best Live Streaming Microphone

Zoom H-6 Review

Just take a look at all it does!

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Zoom H6 Six-Track Portable Recorder

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The best live streaming microphone is actually much more than just a microphone. It is a complete portable audio recorder.

The Zoom H6 impressed my socks off and it will impress you as well. I am totally convinced.

Not only does it have multiple types of microphones you can attach to it, but you can attach your microphones from your current sound system as well. Not just 1 or 2, but 4 other microphones plus the one that comes with it. That is 5 mics that you can use to record the absolutely best live stream audio.

Whether you are working in the studio, or on live productions, you need a recorder that you know is always going to be reliable and do exactly what you need it to. If you are in the market for that recorder right now, a really good option to consider is the Zoom H6 six-track portable recorder.

This recorder lets you record directly to SD cards up to 128GB, so you can always record on the go without having to worry about how you are going to store your movies. This is a handy tool to have in your recording arsenal, especially if you are doing different types of recordings.

Pros and Cons

Now we have to get into the not so good things about this recorder. Yes, it does have some pretty awesome features, but there are a few things that users don’t care for. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of using this recorder.


  • Everything You Need – This portable recorder comes with everything you need, including: XYH-6 X/Y mic capsule; MSH-6 MS mic capsule; 2GB SD card; four AA batteries; Cubabase LE Software; Windscreen; USB Cable; Case; owner’s manual.
  • Portability – This recorder is small and lightweight, yet it is big on features. It can handle pretty much any type of recording job you can throw at it, from location videos to news reports to recording live concerts, and a whole lot more.
  • Mixer Pages – There are two mixer pages. The Project Mixer is meant to be used for working with pre-recorded material that is in memory, and to mix material down to one audio track. The Monitor Mixer is for input setting management when recording to either a computer or an SD card.


  • Range – Some users report that this device doesn’t pick up sound as well as they expected, noting that less expensive gear has worked better for them. This problem can be overcome with a bit of tweaking. The more you use it, the more experienced you will become, and the better your recordings will be.
  • Software – Some users report that the SD card doesn’t work, and that the software is not included. It must be downloaded, and instructions are minimal. This may not be a problem for experienced users, but beginners may have difficulties.
  • Battery Life – Some users report that they do not get the battery life that is advertised for this recording device, and that they are only getting up to seven hours of battery life. This means that they go through a lot of batteries when they are shooting on location for long periods of time.


This recorder is going to change the way you think about recording on the go. This is probably one of the most advanced portable recorders you are going to find on the market today, and it is available at a price that you can actually afford. It comes with everything you need to start recording right now, no matter where you are. Features include:

  • Tracks – Enjoy recording up to six tracks at a time, making this the ideal recorder for live recording. There are four microphone/line inputs, so you can get just the right sound every time. You can also use the interchangeable input capsules, which are included. These can be changed as easily as you change the lens on a camera.
  • XYH-6 – This lets you create stereo X/Y recording, and gives you great diaphragm microphone elements. You can choose 90 degrees to get a really focused sound, or get a wider sound at 120 degrees. This is a good capsule for recording sound effects.
  • MSH-6 – When you really want to get precise about the shape of your sound, this capsule is what you need. You can use it for forward0facing, side-facing, and bi-directional microphones, and still capture high quality sound. You can also adjust the sound after recording, making this perfect for a variety of media projects.
  • Input Attachments – This is one of the most versatile recorders you are going to find for the price. It is ideal for anyone who is on a budget, but still wants to create high-quality recordings. The body has four input attachments, so you can really expand the capabilities, no matter what you are recording.
  • Digital Interface – This may be considered a recorder, but it is also a digital interface. Audio can be send right to DAWs through a USB connection. All six channels can be sent at the same time when you are using the Multitrack mode.

Bottom Line

Now is that impressive or what? Not only does it connect to your camcorder, but it will connect directly to your computer as well. The amount of features the Zoom H-6 has makes it a must have for any serious live streamer.

This is absolutely the best microphone for live streaming out there. This will make all of your live stream audio soar to the heavens!