Best 4 Channel Mixer For Church Video Production

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Finding The Best 4 Channel Mixer For Your Church Video Production Needs

The Mackie PROFX4V2 is one of the best 4 channel mixers available at an incredibly low price and featuring high-quality design. It will work wonders for your church video production projects or even as a small live streaming mixer separate from your larger soundboard.

Who Is the PROFX4V2 Intended for?

The PROFX4V2 is a quality 4 channel mixer designed for amateur video producers, home recording studios, one-man worship, and as an expansion board for those with an existing system.

Amateurs and those with home recording studios may find that they enjoy the low price and the simple interface of the PROFX4V2. It is an easy mixer to begin using without any experience and it offers pre-programmed effects to help tweak your sound.

For those that need to record sound for video production, web content, or live streaming, this is also a suitable option. It even includes a built-in USB interface and comes equipped with Tracktion recording software for your computer.

The PROFX4V2 also includes two auxiliary sends, which can be connected to monitors in small venues when you only need four inputs. Thanks to the quality mic preamps, you get great sound for such a small mixer. However, it does only offer four inputs, which may not suit a worship team or large group.

You may also use this as an expansion board, adding more inputs to your existing setup. You can use the PROFX4V2 as your main mixer, using the built-in effects, or use it to add a couple more mics to your current mixer.

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Mackie PROFX4V2 4-Channel Compact Mixer with Effects

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What Are the Main Features?

The price is often the main feature that people look at when comparing products. However, the quality of similarly-priced mixers can vary depending on a lot of different factors, including:

  • Quality microphone preamplifiers
  • Onboard effects and EQ settings
  • Auxiliary outputs for monitors
  • Compact and durable housing

One of the first features to consider when choosing a mixer is the quality of the microphone preamps. Without a decent preamp, you may not get the sound that you want. The preamp should increase the signal level of the mics without adding noise.

The next set of features include the onboard effects and equalizer settings. Some mixers are stripped down and simply deliver sound from the inputs to the outputs. If you want to mix the sound before outputting it to a sound system or recording equipment, you may need FX settings and multi-band equalizers.

When performing live, the auxiliary outputs may be important. For example, you may need to connect your mixer to monitors or speaker systems. The four-channel mixers may only include one or two outputs. If you require more, you should pay attention to this feature when choosing a four-channel mixer.

The best 4- channel mixer should also have a durable, compact design. With just four inputs, there is no reason for the mixer to take up unnecessary space. These mixers should be lightweight, easy to transport, and designed for portable use.

Why Did We Choose the PROFX4V2?

The Mackie PROFX4V2 is the best four-channel mixer due to the variety of settings that you get for a small mixer. It is a well-built mixer featuring a durable outer shell and control board. If you spill something on the mixer, you should be able to simply wipe it clean.

Despite the compact size and four microphone preamps, the PROFXV2 is a professional-grade effects mixer. The ReadyFX effects engine includes 16 pre-programmed effects. You get a variety of effects to suit your needs, including choruses, delays, and reverbs. You also get five-band graphic EQ settings for tuning the monitors or the mains.

The control that you have over the sound makes the PROFX4V2 a top choice. However, it also includes several other useful features, including the small, durable design. This four-channel audio mixer from Mackie is well built and should hold up when used frequently. It does not overheat and the metal chassis shields it against damage.

The Mackie PROFX4V2 is also easy to use. While it includes equalizers, effects, and other settings, it is still a simple mixing board. You do not need any previous mixing experience to pick up this mixer and start tweaking your sound.

What We Like and Dislike About the PROFX4V2

The best features of the Mackie PROFX4V2 includes the ReadyFX effects engine, the equalizer settings, the preamps, and the overall design of the mixer. Mackie has created an easy-to-use mixer with a basic interface that anyone can use, including novices.

The ReadyFX effects engine is included in a variety of mixers manufactured by Mackie, including the other mixers in the ProFX series. With the PROFX4V2, the effects engine provides 16 different effects.

This mixer is also equipped with five-band graphic equalizers that can be used to adjust the mains or the monitors. They also feature tough ABS side protection to protect the tabs from breaking.

The four Mackie Vita microphone preamps offer great pickup and are designed specifically for live performances. They are virtually noiseless and use dual feedback stabilization for low-noise performances.

There are two issues you should be aware of, including the noise levels of the USB interface. Using the built-in USB interface, the decibel level of the output is limited. You may need to increase the gain when recording to your computer, which may also result in additional background noise.

The other potential issue is that the mixer does not have any buses or subgroups. However, it does only offer four inputs, which may make the need for buses less important, depending on how you plan to use this mixer.

Why Should You Think About Getting this 4 Channel Mixer?

The Mackie PROFX4V2 is the best four-channel mixer and one of the best overall compact mixers. It weighs less than five pounds and includes a variety of settings that you do not normally find in a quality 4 channel mixer.

With the PROFX4V2, you get the ReadyFX effects engine and multiple settings, including multi-band equalizers. These options let you adjust your live sound when performing in small venues. However, this is a small mixer and not intended for large venues or a lot of performers. You only get four inputs, which makes this a suitable option for live streaming, video production, and small bands or solo acts.

Overall, the Mackie PROFX4V2 is a dependable 4 channel mixer that packs quite a punch, thanks to the built-in effects and EQ settings.

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