Behringer C-2 Review – You Should Look At These Mics Before Buying Expensive Ones

Behringer C-2 Review
Our Behringer C-2 Review

Those who purchase the Behringer C-2 will be getting very good studio condenser microphone. The Behringer brand is very well-known in the microphone world. This company has been creating high-quality microphones for quite some time. With the C-2, the goal of these microphones is to create a solid and cost-effective studio recording tool.

Both of these microphones are going to work very well for anyone who is trying to record audio. They are sensitive enough to pick up sounds exactly how you would expect. One of the benefits of purchasing the C-2 is that it is fairly cost-effective when compared to other studio microphone sets. Anyone who is into the idea of podcasting will be able to use these microphones to great effect. They will also be useful for musicians and those who want to capture audio from acoustic instruments.

These microphones have built up a solid reputation for being very good quality. They aren’t exactly new either, as this model has been available for several years at this point. Anyone who is looking for a microphone with solid features at a reasonable price will be interested in these microphones. Take a look at more information about these microphones so that you can determine whether or not they will work well for your needs.

Who Do These Microphones Appeal To?

These microphones appeal to many different demographics. This is an affordable set of microphones that will work well for recording purposes. Any musicians that are in need of quality microphones will be able to use these very easily. They will work great for recording vocals and will also be fantastic for recording acoustic instruments.

Anyone who likes to play the acoustic guitar will be able to record their playing using these microphones. Getting things set up should be fairly simple, as the Behringer C-2 microphones are very easy to work with. This will give you the opportunity to record your music so that you can share it with the world. Many people have been using these microphones for recording purposes for years and have created some fantastic pieces of work.

Those who are into podcasting have been taking a shine to these microphones, as well. These are sensitive microphones that can pick up audio very well. They don’t have problems with feedback either, so these will work well to record your conversations about the hot topics of the day. Whatever your needs are, these microphones may be able to help you out quite nicely.

What’s Included?

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Behringer C-2 Studio Condenser Microphones, Matched Pair

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Two microphones are included when you purchase the Behringer C-1. Both of these condenser microphones are matched and look quite aesthetically pleasing. They also come with custom stand adapters that will make using them even easier. You’ll receive windscreens and a stereo bar that will help with mounting both of the microphones in proper stereo alignment.

The included transport case is also worth mentioning. This is a very heavy-duty transport case that will keep your microphones safe when you are taking them to a different location. It makes toting these microphones to the studio a lot easier than it would otherwise be. You’re getting a very good deal when you consider the price of the Behringer C-2 microphones.

The Features

The features of these microphones will impress you when you take their price into consideration. Both of these condenser microphones are very sensitive, which allows them to pick up subtle sounds. This makes them perfect for the purposes of recording instruments that produce softer tones. It makes use of a cardioid pattern that helps to make your recordings turn out perfectly. You can avoid issues with off-axis sounds that may plague other types of microphones.

These are professional quality condenser microphones. All of the components that are used to create these microphones are held to a high standard. Even the gold-plated 3-pin XLR connector is going to be of the highest quality, which will help you to produce the most beautiful sounds possible. The signal integrity will never be compromised, and you will be able to accomplish your recording goals without having to worry.

The source separation capabilities of these microphones will be worth mentioning, too. It features exceptional feedback rejection which allows you to produce smooth sounds. You’ll be able to avoid any issues with distortion when you decide to buy these microphones. They work very well and are comparable to many condenser microphones that cost quite a bit more money.

An Alternative to Consider

An alternative that you may want to consider will be the Audio-Technica AT2020 microphone. This is a bit more expensive than the Behringer C-2, but it does offer slightly higher performance. It is more expensive to buy one of these Audio-Technica AT2020 microphones than it is to get two of the Behringer C-2. This model does offer exceptional sound quality, though, so it is worth your consideration.

If you want to get the very best results in the studio, then the small improvements may wind up mattering to you. It is very easy to isolate sound sources when using this microphone. It is slightly better than the Behringer C-2, so consider it if you need a microphone that is very high-quality. If you are on a budget, then you will likely prefer the Behringer C-2.

Conclusion – Should You Purchase The C-2?

Overall, the Behringer C-2 is an excellent value. You will be able to get two excellent condenser microphones in this cost-effective package. The microphones work exceptionally well and will be useful for several purposes. They will allow you to record music and will also come in handy for podcasting. Anyone who needs two reliable condenser microphones for recording purposes will be proud to own these.

The low cost of these microphones really helps them to stand out from the competition. Being able to get two microphones at such a reasonable price is stellar. The overall features and capabilities of these microphones keep them on par with many units that cost much more money. When you want to record audio at a high-quality and need to stay within a budget, these are going to be exceptional options. You get two microphones in one convenient package, and it comes with many important accessories, making it a true value.

We hope our Behringer C-2 review has helped you.

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