Church Technology So Easy, Even A Pastor Can Do It!


It was the early 80's and I entered Bible College and Apple released it's first home computer. It had a whopping 4k of memory. Church Technology wasn't even a blip on the horizon.

Today, there is not a day that goes by that a pastor or church leader is not faced with using technology that they may not even know how to use.

Easy Church Tech is your solution to your church technology dilemmas. Each article is written with the non-techie person in mind helping you with the everyday problems faced with church technology.

Popular Church Tech Guides

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Featured Technology Reports

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Church Technology Tips

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Looking for some church website tips to help you avoid the pitfalls of running a church website? Here are 7 tips by top experts in the field.
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Church Website Objectives – Making Your Church Website Work For You
What is it that you want your church website to accomplish? Check out these tips on clarifying your church website objectives.
How To Make Church Video Announcements
Do you want to learn how to make church video announcements? Check out our tutorial and learn what it takes to get started in your church's media ministry.
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